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“At 25, I Made My First Million” Successful entrepreneur Shares a Powerful Message


alexander amosu

Alexander Amosu is a serial entrepreneur. He is a  luxury designer, a publisher, and a record label owner.

He shared this powerful message on his Instagram page recently when he posted a throwback picture of himself

Read what he wrote:

“At the age of 25 I made my first £million. From having zero in my bank account to getting serval zeros. A lot of ppl will be gassed by this picture, the truth is if they only knew what I want through to get here they may not find it so glamorous.

Blood, sweat, tears, late nights, no friends, no social life, working 3 jobs, no one believing in me, several failed business and flat out broke.

Am not showing you this picture because I think it’s cool, am merely letting you know the journey is a lot harder than this one picture however it’s worth it!”

His throwback picture-


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