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Nigerian Man Makes the Shortlist to Travel to Space

Freeman Osonuga has made the shortlist of three finalists for the influential Rising Star programme. One of them would be selected to go on an all-expense paid trip to space. Others who made the list are Keren Jackson of Ireland and Hussain Manawer of the United Kingdom.
The global contest is being organized by London-based talent agency Kruger Cowne in partnership with One Young World and Xcor Space Expeditions.
If he is selected he would be first Nigerian and may be the first black African to go to space. White South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth was the first African to go to space after a trip back in 2002.
The three finalists were selected based on their leadership qualities and passion to change the world.
Osonuga was among the 250 Nigerian doctors sent on a humanitarian mission to Sierra Leone and other West African countries as part of the AU’s Ebola Response Team.
That was not his first humanitarian quest. As an undergraduate Osonuga started his Heal the World Foundation which now provides free medical care to orphans and children with disabilities.
According to Osonuga-

“Going to space is not the overall objective of the project. It is to be able to raise global conversations on issues that affect us all as inhabitants of planet earth such as climate change, global peace and poverty.”


You can support Osunoga by using the hashtag : #sendfreemantospace or the handles @krugercowne and the handles @freeman_osonuga

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