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9 Easy Ways to Open a Bottle without an Opener


We need these skills.
You somehow find a bottle of beer in your hand (haha) and somehow the opener is nowhere to be found- Do you throw the bottle of beer away (hahaha) or roam around looking forlorn as you search for the opener to let you into your world of goodness?
No way! As a skilled man, you  use one of these tricks on your bottle- thankfully none of them needs you to use your teeth.

  1. Stationery edge or Counter:

You are most likely already familiar with this. Only make sure it would not damage the counter.Also dont try this on soft wood


    2. Car Door Latch:

Hold the cap on the underside and use downward force.


   3. Key:

Use the edges of the key to bend the cap up bit by bit till it is fully removed

   4.  Piece of Paper:

Fold in half six times then use the leverage to pop cap up

   5. Lighter:

Use a flat sided lighter and your finger as a fulcrum


   6. Ring:

Be careful  though, you don’t want to wreck it if it is valuable.


  7. Hammer:

Use the claw upside down to ply the cap open


  8.Rubber Band:

Wrap band around the edges of cap, twist or pull up


    9. Butter Knife:

Insert knife and twist out edges, the bang on a hard surface.


See illustration below.



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