7 Signs You Are Not Drinking Enough Water


A simple glass of water can be more refreshing than a can of coke or a bottle of beer. But the question is- how many of us drink enough water? Do we even know the signs that we are not drinking enough water? Let’s take a look

1. Dry Mouth:

The moment you begin to feel that sticky dryness in your mouth, your body is screaming for liquid. Water-not sugary drinks or beer.

2. Dry Skin:

Your skin needs adequate watering to stay healthy. If your skin begins to look dry, then you know you are not taking enough water.

3. Dry bloodshot Eyes:

Without enough water, your tear ducts dry up. This is not a good thing for your eyes.

4. Joint Pain:

Do you know that 80% of our cartilage and spinal discs are made up of water? Water is necessary to ensure your body absorb the shock of movements such as running

5. Decreased Muscle Mass

This is so because your muscle mass comprises of water. So starving your body of water, means you are also starving your muscles. Drink water before, during and after a workout. To keep your body adequately hydrated.

6. Digestive Problems:

Water strengthens the mucus in your stomach. Without water. the mucus is weak cannot help but allow your stomach acid to do damages that leads to what we commonly know as heart burn and indigestion.

7. You Feel Fatigued:

Not drinking enough water results in inadequately hydrated blood. This in turn leads to a lack of oxygen throughout the body. The result of this is sleepiness and outright fatigue.
Drinking more cups of coffee won’t solve the problem. Simply taking in water may be all you need.

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