6 Questions Typical Gold-Digging Lagos Guys Ask Us Ladies


This is from a young lady based in Lagos

I’m quite disappointed at the way guys in lagos behave these days!

Recently a friend in access bank borrowed her boyfriend 800k to start a business but got the shocking news that her boyfriend of 3years has eloped to UK without a trace.


As a pretty tall lady I get to have a lot of these guys as “toasters” even though i’m not always interested but I always have one or 2 things to add to my smartness. These are the questions an average lagos guy ask these days:


1) Where do you live? Island or mainland

Once they hear lekki, oniru, ajah the next question is “do u live alone” if the answer is no, you would instantly see the disappointment but if it’s yes, the next question is “when am I visiting, hope u cook well, is it a flat or self-con, I would sleep over o……… undecided you can imagine!


2) Where do you work?

If they hear kpmg,gtb,acceSs, chevron etc instantly they become available for dating! They discharge any side chick to avoid complications as they wouldn’t have to spend a dime on you.


If they hear: sorry i’m an applicant or a company that pays 40k e go be later for that babe


3) Do u have a car?

Dude seriously? U wanna be driving my car? I buy fuel with my hard earned money while you park yours and you think i’m gonna release my keys to you to tour round lagos? Have a re-think.


4) What’s your net worth?

How much do you have in your account? How much do they pay you! Trust me they have other ways to check. I once dated a guy who called his cousin in my company to confirm how much I earn. Next thing he started complaining about low funds,how he needed to get a house bla bla bla. I kicked his ass to the curbs!


5) What do your parents do?

Are they retired? Does your dad have companies? How many are you guys? Are u the first daughter(to know if u entitled to properties) how many cars do they have? Does your dad play gulf? Is he a member of polo club? undecided no be only polo club na palmwine drinkers club e dey, rubbish!


6) Have you been out of the country before??

Yes dude i’v been to Somalia, that’s abroad as well undecided


Ladies who have no experience in relationship matters or those who are blinded by love tend to talk too much and become victims of these scammers. Next thing you hear is baby we must get married this year, I must settle down with you, this is my last bus stop, u are everything I want in a woman, meeeeen you’v got class babe, and the mumu would be blushing and putting his pics on BlackBerry and Instagram with #mybooforages

3months later, u start hearing stories like I borrowed the idiot 300k he eloped, he took my 500k and when I asked he threatened to release my Unclad pictures etc


So these days it’s all a game,the smart ones scale through! It not just ladies who do all that,guys have now adopted this new style and a lot get away with it. So y’all should not come here weeping and wailing about ladies, guys now have a degree in gold digging although some just enrolled in the university of gold diggers, others now have masters and phd.

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