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10 DIY Basic Car Repairs Every Man Should Know


These are 10 basic step-by-step DIY car repairs you should know.

They will save you money, time and stress.

  1. Changing the Oil

  • Drain the oil by removing the oil drain plug
  • Unscrew the oil filter and empty it
  • Putting the oil filter and drain plug back
  • Remove the oil filler hole cap
  • Pour in fresh oil.


  1. Changing the Flat Tire

  • Loosen the lug nuts (with a wrench)
  • Use a jack stand to lift the car off the ground
  • Remove the lug nuts (and subsequently the tire)
  • Place the spare tire on
  • Wrench the lug nuts back on
  • Lower the car
  • Make sure the lug nuts are tight.
  1. Changing Spark Plugs

  • Locate your spark plugs
  • Remove the spark plug wire
  • Remove the faulty spark plug,
  • Insert the new spark plug in its place
  • Put the wire back.
  1. Removing the Scratches from Paint

    style=”line-height: 1.5;”>determine the depth of the scratch

  • lightly sanding the scratch
  • Clean the area
  • Apply rubbing compound
  • Polish the area with the rubbing compound
  • Wash the area
  • Wax the area to seal the repair
  1. Changing a car battery

  • Remove any covers from the battery
  • Disconnect the negative cables
  • Move the clamp away from the battery post
  • Do the same for the positive cable clamp
  • Remove all screws
  • Replace the old battery with the new one
  • Reconnect the cable clamps. Make sure you label the cables before you remove them.


  1. Replacing a Headlght or taillight


  • Remove the screws connecting the headlight frame to the bracket
  • Disconnect the electrical connector
  • Remove the faulty bulb
  • Replace it with a new one
  • Plug the connector back on
  • Replace the frame.


Sometimes only your frame might be broken, which can be just as hazardous. You can change it following the same procedure.

  1. Replacing the Wipers

  • Lift the wiper arm away from the windshield
  • Depress the small tab that allows the wiper blade to be pulled off
  • Line up the new wiper blade with the arm, and pushing it in tightly.
  1. Replacing Air Filters

  • Open the hood
  • Locate the air filter unit
  • Remove the air filter cover
  • Take the air filter out and cleaning the air filter housing
  • Insert a new filter
  • Replace the cover.

You’re done! Make sure you change your filter once every 30,000 miles, or approximately once every year.

  1. Changing the Brake Pads

    Loosening the lug nuts of the wheels

  • Jack the car up
  • Remove the wheels
  • Remove the slider bolts
  • Remove the older brake pads and replacethem with new ones
  • Put the slider bolts and the wheels back on securely.
    You should be particularly careful if you’re using replica wheel
  1. Jumpstarting a Car

  • Take your jumper cables out
  • Put both vehicles in neutral and shut the ignition off. Now, attach one of the red clips to the positive terminal of your battery and the other to the positive terminal of the battery in the other car (the one that will start).
  • Attach one of the black clips to the negative terminal of the battery in the other car.
  • Attach the other end to an unpainted metal surface. Now try to start your vehicle. You’re done!



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