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When a Woman Uses Diabolical Means to Get Your Love


I used to think it was restricted to women of old- this disgusting acting of resorting to diabolical means to get a man.

Yesterday my premise was proven wrong when my sister showed me a recent comment on a gossip blog she visits. I was shocked to say the least.
Obviously it was supposed to be a post where women confessed the evil deeds they have done- anonymously. This woman’s comment was shocking- Here’s what she posted

“I cook for my husband with my period. Here is the reason i do it.My auntie has been doing it and has been married for 12yrs. She and her husband are in peacce though hey dont have kids yet but her husband s not even talking of second wife. Since i got married i can beat my chest and say my husband has never misbehaved outside.He practically worships the feet i walk on. I make his food special. I know its wrong but its not poisonous. If that is the way my marriage will be intact, i have no regrets. I am a very emotional being. I might die if my heart is ever broken.Who are you people to judge me”

Since i read this, i have been thinking of all the girls food i ate all those years- especially those ones who were obsessed with me.
How do we men even protect ourselves from these types of obsessive women? That is a question for another day.


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