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6 HeartBreaking Things that Every Naija Bachelor Suffers


Though being a bachelor has its advantages, there are still a whole lot of disadavantages that makes the bachelor want to settle down as soon as possible. Let me list a few

  1. The Draculan Naija Market Women:

    They seem to have special powers that sniffs you out as a bachelor. Once you are “detected”, the hike begins.What would usually cost N450 would be N1500 then they give you that weird look likeyou are not allowed to price.My solution? Price shamelessly.If they say N1500, better price it N250, they will get angry and tell you the real price.Otherwise, take your posh ass to the supermarket where everything’s price is fixed.

  2. The Regular Truckman’s Meal:

    Akara and bread or bread or fanta. That is your fall-back meal most times when you arrive from work and you are toot tired to cook.

  3. The Annoying “Manchelor” Jokes:

    Of odd office humour and insensitivty. You are laughing in the bliss of jokes and someone tries to play a fast one on you by referring to your”manchelorhood”. You have no choice but to laugh like you don’t care. Why you lying though.

  4. The “Wetin You Dey Use Money Do” Question:

    Screenshot (1029)
    People simply assume that because you are not married, there is no way you have use of money.Your landlord, friends even family send jabs your way anytime you as much as insinuate that you do not have money. For them, it is “shocking”. They keep asking- “you don marry?”, “wetin you dey use money do?. No i dey use am drop from fire.

  5. Everybody Tries to Hook You Up:

    Your mother,sisters, friends, everybody.They all seem to know how exactly a wife material looks like and set out to make it happen. Even when you are quietly enjoying your bottle on a rare timeout with your married friends, they take it upon themselves to randomly point out a girl or show you pictures of a girl who is the ultimate “wife material”.

  6. Your House Becomes an Open Mart:

    If you are too free- people, especially the ladies just stroll into your house and feel “at home” with everything- especially the fridge. As if you are not allowed too have plans for your money and things.

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