Top 6 Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria & How to Contact Them

Top 7 Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria & How to Contact ThemWhat is the reason behind this article Top 7 Digital Marketing Agencies in Nigeria?

How can you choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency?

How can you contact the Digital Marketing Agency of your choice?

To successfully run a business or build a brand in Nigeria, you have to take marketing seriously. Effective marketing is best left to the professionals who know the best tools and tactics to use in reaching your goals.

This brings us to the ever pertinent question

What are the top digital marketing agencies in Nigeria?

There is a long of a list of digital marketing agencies that are cropping up every day. How do you sieve through the long list of digital agencies that crop up daily to sieve the wheat away from the dirt?

This is a well-researched list of the top digital marketing agencies in Nigeria. It should help you reach out to the right agency.

  1. Cregital
    Cregital is one the top guys by virtue of their ability to build great products. If you need trustworthy guys that will help you with building platforms and tools for example if you plan to build an app for your business or create a ride-hailing service. Call on these guys and they will bring your idea to life!.
    Cregital’s Details
    Phone Number: 08020965367,
    Current Address: 2b Ilesanmi Street Surulere, Lagos
  2. Anakle:
    Anakle is another reputable digital agency in Lagos Nigeria. Just like cregital, they have a firm grasp of building platforms. Years back they came into limelight with their bride price app. The bride price app was meant to be a funny app that calculates the people’s value based on ranked questions. They have continued to ride the wave to date.
    Phone Number: 09079444157,
    Current Address: Adewale Kolawole Crescent Rd Adewale Kolawole Cres, Maroko 101001, Lagos
  3. Byte Size:
    Byte Size Ng is a tried and trusted digital marketing agency in Nigeria that cannot be overlooked. Byte Size Nigeria specifically sell media planning, search marketing and much more.
    Address: 79 Oduduwa Cres, Ikeja GRA, Ikeja – Lagos.
    Phone Number: Tel: +234 1 738 6825.
  4. Wild Fusions:
    Wild Fusions has proven to be a force to reckon with by virtue of being around for a long time. They are the only Nigerian digital agency that has branches across 3 other west African countries.
    Send an Email:,
    Phone Number: 07043353532,
    Current Address: 205A Corporation Drive, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.
  5. Web Coupers:
    Web Coupers is another reputable digital marketing agency you need to consider when it comes to digital. This is more especially if you are interested in ads placements. They have partnerships with some of the top ad networks in the country and are sure to deliver without throwing away your funds.
    Address: 34, Mcneil Road, Sabo, Lagos
    Phone Number: 09090166780,
    Current Address: 34, Mcneil Road, Sabo, Lagos.
  6. Hot Sauce Digital:
    Hot Sauce Digitals is the digital arm of the reputable – Insight Communications. Insight Communications is one of the leading marketing agencies in Nigeria. Hot Sauce digital promises interactive digital solutions.

How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Agency

  1. Do they Care?
    One thing to look out for when searching for an agency is the mindset. You want an agency that is interested in growth and adding value to your company. There are a lot of young guys masquerading as digital marketers. They will burn your money to the ground. Contact the agencies and listen to the way they respond, the question they ask and the responses they give to you will give you an idea.
  1. Do they Have a Structure?
    Big does not always equal good but at least there should be some structure in place. Take to your heels if it is a one-man business. If same guy designing is the same guy running your ads and coming up with the strategy then you may want to start getting worried. To know if they are worthy, visit their address and see if they are real. After they send in their proposals, ask to have the next meeting at their office.
  2. Go Slow:
    Don’t just jump into a retainership with an agency you are yet to try. Start slow, feel them out before you fully commit.
  1. Perception Matters But Look Beyond:
    How big a name is or how big an office is should not be the only indices you consider when choosing a digital agency. Seek true value.


There are different ways to contact digital agencies for quick responses.

  1. Place a call: Most agencies have a phone number you can reach them on. Reach out to them quickly by calling the number
  2. Send a Brief: Another way to reach them is to send a brief. A brief is a marketing plan that gives the agency a foundation on what your project.It gives them an insight into all the information they need.
  3. Chat them up on their website: A smart agency should be able to respond to you when you you use the chat box on their website.

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