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Top 10 Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria


Every Car owner in Nigeria must consider installing a car tracking device in order to track down a car when stolen or as a preventive measure. Car theft is on the high these days and to invest so much in a car only to have it stolen is undoubtedly, a very heartbreaking thing to experience.  Reporting a stolen car and actually following it up, spending money you never budgeted for in search of the vehicle, which in most cases is not even a guarantee that your car will be found is a hassle you do not want to go through…In a country such as Nigeria.

The importance of a car tracking device cannot be over-emphasized especially if you own a fleet of cars and looking to manage them without stress. Many car tracking companies are springing up across the country almost on a daily basis and without a doubt, car tracking is a viral business nowadays and so it might be a bit confusing for a car owner who is looking to install or patronize the best.

Top Ten Best Car Tracking Companies You Should Know

Below are top 10 car tracking companies in the country that will give you peace of mind as a car owner.

  1. MTN Car Tracking Nigeria: 
    MTN  one of Nigeria’s leading telcos also has a Car tracking service which is quite popular amongst motorists! Their car tracking company is called C-Track. C-Track allows you have an eye on your car 24 hours daily.This way you are rest assured that you know where your car is every-time of the day.The features of MTN Car Tracking include an Early Warning Movement Sensor.This quickly alerts you when your car is being moved whether its ignition is turned on.
    A second feature is that it ca alert you on the speed of the vehicle.That way you can monitor the driving speed .Another very nice feature of  MTN Car Tracking is the Tamper Alert.Is someone trying to tamper with your tracking device?You will instantly know!
    To activate MTN C-Track in Nigeria, call 216 or 286 (for MTN subscribers) 08039770011 to 20 or visit
  2. CAR TRACKER NIGERIA: This car tracking company located in Lekki, Lagos state, offers a cutting-edge car tracking software service that helps you locate and get back your car if stolen. You can also track your vehicle’s speed and location at anytime. Car Tracker Nigeria also offers Fleet Management services ( for more than 10 cars), Speed Limiters that meet up to the requirements recommended by FRSC and SON and also provide Anti Shatter Glass Protection films to keep  your glass safe and avoid breaking into pieces. It also provides a live map tracking that enables you see the location and full addresses of your vehicle. You can track your car from your phone and amazingly, it doesn’t have to be connected to the internet. This car tracking service is affordable and has no recurring bills and is among the few car tracking companies that give customers free hands-off training.
    Also known as philuxautotrack, Philux International is an automated tracking Company which has its Head office at Ikeja, Lagos State. Their services include but not limited to vehicle tracking and fleet management. Philux International car tracking device offers quality GPS tracking services with one year warranty and it is quite popular among individual car owners, Companies and Organizations and stands as one of the best car tracking company in Nigeria.
    V-Dile Solutions Nigeria Ltd was formed into a legal company in November 2008. Located in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria, the company offers security services such as CCTV, access control, car tracking etc. This car tracking company boasts of professionals and highly skilled and result oriented engineers, offering quality car tracking services to patrons. They stand as one of the best in the country.
  5. OLIVE TRACK LIMITED: Olive car track limited offers the latest technologies in the GPS Car Tracking System. The company has its Head office in Opebi, Lagos. Olive Tracker Limited has a team of professionals with adequate knowledge and experience, offering customers the best car tracking service and car owners can be assured of the integrity of the company’s service.  
  6. GPS CAR TRACKING SERVICE: GPS Car Tracking Service is one of the reputable and most reliable Tracking Company in Nigeria. This car tracking services uses a GPS tracking device that aids in determining the precise location of your vehicle. You can access every information and detail about your car no matter its location using your phone or computer.
  7. ABON TECHNOLOGY LTD : Abon Technology Ltd provides advanced vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. This car tracking company has an unequaled online GPS car tracking systems which furnish users with all the information they need to track their vehicles and monitor their fleet no matter the location, in real time.
    Envoy Car Tracking is one of Nigeria’s leading car tracking company that introduced GPRS, GSM and GPS technology in the car tracking industry. The company provides clients with a wide range of quality, effective and efficient security devices for the security conscious individuals and corporate Organizations.
  9. ZENDA CAR TRACKER: Zenda Car Tracker is a trustworthy and dependable car tracking company. Their products come with one year warranty. Every car owner naturally will lean towards a reliable and efficient car tracking device. Zenda offers a unique car tracking service second to none.
  10. STREMCOM TRACK: Stremcom Track is a reputable provider of car tracking solutions Nigeria. With Offices in Abuja, Lagos and Portharcourt, Stremcom Track provides car tracking services of the highest level in the industry and boasts of highly qualified professionals that are experts in the installation of car tracking devices. Stremcom car tracking devices provide prompt and accurate details about your car via SMS from anywhere in the World.
  11. FENIX SYSTEM: With almost 8 years experience in the car tracking industry, Fenix system puts into use the best car tracking device in the market. Fenix system offer the best prices in speed limiters and vehicle tracking with 2 years installation warranty.

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