3 Simple Ways to Thrill Your Girl This Valentine Without Emptying Your Bank Account


Valentine’s day is approaching and some of our hearts are seriously thumping. Let’s not start the discussion on how one-sided this can be with most of our Naija babes. I’ll just concentrate on sharing some tricks you can use this Valentine’s day that will leave both your girl and your account balance happy

1. Cook her a romantic dinner: romantic dinner

Cook her a romantic dinner. Thank God this Valentine falls on a  Sunday so you can go to church in the morning and ask her  to come to your house in the evening for something special.
I’l give you a trick- it’s all in the packaging. Clear somewhere in your house. Look for a round table and cover with a clean white cloth. Get scent candles and set the table. Dim the lights and watch as magic happens. Don’t forget to whisper sweet nothings into her ears and voila she is thrilled!

2. Get a deal on :

That’s where I get most of my deals to go to places in Lagos. They have a few deals that are ridiculously priced. Your girl would never guess how much you paid to take her out.
Side Tip: Don’t ever tell her much you paid- she’d look down on the experience

3. Take Her on An Outing that Costs N1,500:

In December I wrote an article about the places you can go for N1,500. Read through it here you’l find something. Just don’t take her somewhere and expect her to eat and drink your loving words

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