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The Weird Reasons Nigerian Young Men Now Date Older Women


A lot of younger guys are now opting for older women at an alarming rate.

I did some research and found out the reason this happens. Take a look

  1. Less Stressful:

    These days the average guy does not have the time to expend on a timid young girl who believes you have to woo her forever.

The older ones are more forward and may even walk up to a guy and ask him out herself

This was confirmed by a certain Emeka Anudi who says older women don’t play games like the younger ones.

2.Less Expensive:

A certain Banji drew our attention to the fact younger women tend to be more expensive to maintain than the older women.
This is because older women most times already have their means of livelihood and are less demanding.

3.Less Childishness:

You don’t want to hear the tales of men who have gone through hell dating young women who tuned out be babies.

From my research, I discovered that older women are more mature in their outlook in life.Most  times, you don’t have to deal with the childish beharviour of a big baby.


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