The Top Ten Accounting Firms in Nigeria(A Trusted List)


Apart from the big 4 accounting firms that are apparently leading in Nigeria, there is an enormous slew of accounting firms cropping up in the country. The question, therefore, is not- “What are the top 4” as people already know them. The question then is who are the other accounting firms in the country that are giving these top guys a run for their money? Take a look at the top 10 leading accounting firms in Nigeria.

Criteria for Selecting the Top 10 Accounting Firms in Nigeria

The best accounting firms in Nigeria are known for their prestige, international reputation and their continual competition for supremacy. From their superior software, a thirst for excellence, strong leadership and a culture of investment in human capital, it is no wonder a lot of Nigerians want to work with them,  As graduates and mid-level career professionals look to join the accounting field, there are several factors to consider.

This article will guide you in making your company choices by detailing company characteristics, unique stories and quotes that make these companies differ from each other, thereby enabling you to make tailored choices that fit your demand.

According to Nairametrics, data from some of the biggest quoted companies by market capitalization in Nigeria revealed that the big 4 audit firms namely PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and Ernst & Young earned N6.4 billion last year. According to their research, PwC was the highest earner with N2.5 billion closely followed by KPMG’s 2 billion. EY and Deloitte earned 1.1 billion and 500million respectively.

What are the Best Accounting Firms in Nigeria?

These are the top 10 accounting firms in Nigeria.They have been tried trusted and have remained consistent. 

  1. PwC Pwc is a professional consulting firm. It has 158 offices across the world, and employees totaling 236,000. Without a shadow of a doubt, PwC is a global powerhouse in the accounting sector. It began operations in 1953 through its predecessor company Coopers & Lybrand and Price Waterhouse. In Nigeria, their offices are located in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Over 1000 staff and 34 partners within Nigeria are involved in quality assurance, tax and advisory services. PwC has shown dedication in the personal development of their staff with high-level training and continuous task appraisals. Working in a Fortune 500 company such as this provides immense networking opportunities with the best professionals in that field as well as other professionals ranging from banking, public sector and Oil sector who serve as clients. Top financial executives in Nigeria are PwC alumni because of the top notch in house and international training at the disposal of their staff. The firm is highly regarded in terms of integrity and transparency. PwC has historically been ranked best among the accounting firms globally. PwC gives its staff the choice between gaining ICAN or ACCA qualifications.
  2. KPMG- like PwC, KPMG has all the great attributes of a top firm for motivated and hardworking graduates. KPMG has over a 100,000 employees globally in over 100 offices. KPMG believes in the family culture, constantly creating bonding activities for their staff. This cultivates a great working relationship between employees. It also improves inter-personal skills, enabling work to go on seamlessly. Employees at this firm get to travel, learning on the go. KPMG recognizes and values the input of its employees. The mentorship provided by this firm would propel you to greater heights in the long term. Unlike PwC, staff are expected to gain ICAN qualifications only to enable faster promotion.
  3. Delloitte – They might not be as big as PwC and KPMG, so while the culture at those two firms might be a bit more lax, Deloitte is constantly pushing, trying to catch up to the big four. Essentially, you’re more tasked at this company. This would bring out the best in young learning graduates looking to gain hands-on experience. Delloitte has firms that operate in 150 countries, manned by 220,000. Deloitte proffers solutions in 4 key business areas namely audit, advisory, consulting and tax to public and private sectors. There is a spirit of openness and innovation at this firm, enabling young professionals to proffer new ideas and solutions. Deloitte promotions are largely based on ICAN qualifications.
  4. KPMG International: KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax & Advisory services.
  5. Deloitte & Touche: Deloitte & Touche (formerly Akintola Williams Deloitte) is Nigeria’s oldest indigenous accounting firm and the DTTL member firm in Nigeria. As a leading professional services firm, Deloitte Nigeria offers Audit, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Management & Tax services.
  6. McKinsey & Company – McKinsey has over 15 years of experience in Nigeria, it has been involved in over 150 projects and 70% of its consultants are master’s degree holders. This provides unrivaled learning opportunities for co-workers. The working culture promotes entrepreneurial spirit, personal and professional development. Graduates with strong problem-solving skills, goal oriented with a passion to be game changers are preferred at this prestigious company. The company provides opportunities for their employees to carve their own path, challenge their limitations and deliver impact. If you join McKinsey, you will be working with senior business analysts and policymakers to critically analyze current issues in a team of interesting and brilliant colleagues. 
  7. Accenture Inc. – Accenture has a global presence, with 319,000 employees in 56 countries. Accenture’s Nigerian practice kicked off in 1985. The firm has 30years+ experience, growing from 10 staffs to over 100. Business technology and innovation is at the forefront of Accenture’s activities. Employees get to work on leading-edge technologies on the coolest projects. Talents and skills are nurtured at this firm and transformed to make employees leading professionals in their most passionate field.
  8.  Horwath Dafinone- This firm has over 200 accounting advisory firms in 130 countries. Crowe Horwath is revered for its deep understanding of local laws and customs, enabling the firm provide excellent services to its indigenous and multinational clients. Tax, advisory, Risk management and audit are the main services it provides.” We care, we share, we invest, and we grow” are the core values this firm stands on. Flexible working hours, relaxed dressing culture and interpersonal skill programmed are all practiced at this firm to enable employees feel valued. Achievement awards are given for high performing staff, this embeds competitive culture and rewards excellence.
  9. Grand Thornton-  According to the Executive Chairman, Peter N Orizu “Being part of the global Grant Thornton network is a great step towards us achieving our ambitions. We are proud of our strong reputation in Nigeria and we look forward to developing our already strong working relationships further.”
  10. Ashford & McGuire – Ashford & McGuire is a top indigenous consulting firm with services extending from human capital development, business strategy and financial advisory.
  11. (BONUS)BAO Consulting – BAO consultancy provide ingenious solutions to SMEs in Nigeria. The firm has offices in Abuja, Kano, Lagos and Port Harcourt. Working at BAO will enable you gain expertise on small and medium enterprises, how to properly set them up and business strategies needed to excel. The company specializes in the use of accounting software to provide bespoke financial advisory services to its clients.



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