The Most Two Important Things Everyone Should Know About Sexual Harassment


Whether it’s rape of other less violent sexual acts, sexual harassment is a subject that every man should be sufficiently informed about. These are two key things  every man should know about sexual harassment

Consent Is Everything:
Sex becomes rape when a party says no. It does not matter if she looked like she wanted it. It does not matter if she was dressed provocatively, it doesn’t even matter if she is an “animashaun” a certified street hoe who gives it to everyone easily. Once she says no, bro leave her alone and find someone else before someone says you have raped her

Men Can Be Raped:  It’s still not a well addressed issue in Nigeria, but the truth is, men can and are raped.  Not just men raping men but also women raping men.

Forget what people ignorantly say about “enjoying it” or raped men being called “lucky”. That train of thought is ignorant and archaic.

If you do not consent to a sexual act and the perpetrator goes ahead, that is raped. That person should be dealt with.So speak up if you have been raped.

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