{Scientific Backing} 12 Popular Myths about Sex You’ll Be Shocked to find out are False


For explanation in text, read after infographic.

sex myhts



1. Penis Size determines a woman’s pleasure:

When hundreds of women were asked, only 1% said a man’s size of penis was “very important”. 21% said length mattered more while, while 32% said girth was important.

2. Masturbation Stops When a Relationship Starts:

85% of men interviewed actually masturbated even though they are in relationships.
45% of women interviewed masturbated despite the fact that they are in a relationship.

3. Homosexuality is a pathological Condition.

Studies show that homosexuality is not a disorder.

4. Picking a partner is based on sexual Performance

A series of researches in 37 countries around the world shows that the more important factors considered are related to children.

5. Men are always ready for sex:

Nope. Men do not always feel like having sex. Also men who share this belief (that they always be ready for sex to present erectile issues more than those who do not share this belief.

6. The Duration of Sex is at least 30 Minutes.

The average duration of sex is usually at least 6 to 8 minutes

7. Sex is a daily activity for most couples:

On the average, most couples have sex once or twice a week

8. On Female Orgasm; Men Must Always bring Women to Orgasm

For woman, it is not necessary for sexual contact to lead to orgasm.85% of women who report orgasmic difficulties still say they are sexually satisified.

9. The Birth of a child benefits the couple’s sexual health;

Most times it doesn’t.
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