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10 Naija Women Were Asked If a Man’s “Size” Mattered- Their Responses Are Surprising

Big gets her screaming

Yes Please! My happiness is that my darling husband is big down there. I scream my voice hoarse anytime we are making love especially when he is giving me head.Sometimes he uses his hand to cover my mouth when the screaming gets out of hand.


Big Hurts

No abeg.I even prefer it small. I remember when we started having sex. I met my hubby a virgin. There was a time I couldn’t walk in the morning due to the excruciating pain I felt from his massive stick. Sometimes i will have to sit on hot water or put towel in hot water and use it to press my punani. Sometimes i can’t even wash the place because of pain, it took over a year for me to get used to my hubby’s dick. When we are apart for the space of like a month, I know it’s going to be hell for me when we have sex again. In fact I dey run o. I will pretend I have headache,stomach ache or any excuse I can come up with to avoid that dick. But at least now since it’s a daily activity I am used to it, it doesn’t hurt anymore, just pleasure.


Not size but usage

Lol,its not the size but how its being used. Some have it big but can’t use it. All they can do with it is to give pain not pleasure, others have it moderate or small but use it to the fullest that you’ll think you have tasted the biggest and sweetest dick on earth .


Big is “sweet”

Who say big merchandise no dey sweet , you don’t know what you are missing until you get one


Big is “Plantain”

How can you ever choose banana instead of Plantain? Plantain is the big deal


Yes it does!

Yes. My hubby stick isn’t big o! I complained during courtship and he improved a bit on his skills but I am not enjoying sex after 4 kids n 12yrs in marriage. I can’t cheat on him because I don’t have the liver and above all I love him too much to hurt him.I cant complain either. I guess I have to live like this for the rest of my life. I keep feeling horny immediately after sex.


Average takes it

I don’t like it big. I have actually only had sex with one person, my ex-hubby but I cannot count the times when everything was going well while doing the do, until he decided to start digging deeper. You want to remove my womb? Abeg, I am looking for an average sized D-carrying man. Who fit help me find am?


“Big and Juicy” is better

Hmm! Who needs a battery when you can have a whole GENERATOR.Big and juicy is the specs.


S Plus T

Size + Technique= cloud 9…..that’s all!


The Dick Ache

Size doesn’t matter. There was this guy that pestered me like mad, he was tall, handsome and rich. We started dating. Then it was time to do, he brought out this giant dick and in my mind I was like I Don die, I prepared my mind for pain, the guy didn’t put it beyond the labia. I closed my eyes waiting for the pain i will feel when he puts it inside next I heard a moan, then he collapsed on me!What happened he said? He has released! I was shocked, he saw it on my face and was like “uhmm I have headache”
In my mind I said no you have a “dick ache” I left and never went back. What a waste of dick .Lol how can somebody have something that big and not know how to use it.


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