Party Is Over!President Buhari’s Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty With UAE Throws Fear in the Hearts of Corrupt Nigerian Officials Dubai_United_Arab_Emirates

On Tuesday, news filtered in that President Muhammadu Buhari has signed agreements with the United Arab Emirate on repatriation of stolen funds and extradition of culpable officials.

The President’s delegation were in United Arab Emirates for World Energy Forum and  signed a few bilateral agreement with the government

One of the agreements would allow the UAE government return monies hidden or invested in banks and real estates in the country.

Other agreements signed with the government of that country included:

  • Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement
  • Agreement on Trade Promotion and Protection
  • Judicial Agreements on Extradition
  • Transfer of Sentenced Persons.

    A few of this agreements are said to be giving those with stolen funds reasons to worry.According to sources made available to Premium Times, as soon as the news of the agreement got out, some of these officials made frantic moves to leave the country and relocate their ill-gotten wealth.

Before now, UAE has been the Mecca of Nigeria’s ill-gotten wealth. It has also served as a fortress for those seeking to escape justice from Nigeria. All this has been put to an end with the new agreement signed between both governments.

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