Trouble within the Camp! Some Ministers Oppose President Buhari’s Agreement with UAE|Buhari Threatens Sack President Buhari

Earlier in the week, news reached us that there has being an agreement signed by President Buhari and the UAE. Read the details here.
Well new reports have reach the public that this agreement has led to a dissent within the Buhari camp.A dissent that even led to the President threatening to sack two of his recently appointed Ministers.
President Buhari has an intense desire to retrieve looted funds stashed away in the UAE so he went into an agreement which some ministers have said are to be detrimental to the nation’s economy. Certain Ministers were vocal which led to a fierce disagreement within the camp. The disagreement culminated into the President threatening to fire the two most vocal of the ministers- Mrs Adeosun and Mr. Udoma.
According to Sahara Reporters, despite the fact that these ministers understood the need identify and reclaim assets illicitly stashed away by corrupt Nigerians in the UAE, especially Dubai. However, they felt that Nigeria gave away too much in terms of its bilateral economic interests in order to achieve the president’s major goal.

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