“Nigeria’s Stolen Funds are everywhere in the World!” EU Head Alleges | Pledges Support to Recovers Nigeria’s Looted Funds president buhari

The head of the EU delegation to Nigeria, Mr Michel Arrion, today alleged that Nigeria’s funds can not only be found in Europe but is littered all around the world.He also expressed the EU’s interested in helping Nigeria recover these stashed loot.

In his words

“Nigeria’s stolen funds are not only in Europe; they are everywhere. So we are happy to see that President Muhammadu Buhari went to UAE to discuss the repatriation of stolen wealth.

We welcome any form of cooperation in the judicial , the police cooperation that Nigeria wants to have with EU member-states,” he said. The EU envoy while noting that all countries are fighting corruption but that the level of commitment differs. He however remarked that the level of corruption in the country had impacted negatively on the economy and infrastructure”


He also noted that it is pertinent that there is no executive interference with the judiciary in the fight against corruption. “There have been cases of abandoned corruption trials in the past, so there is nothing wrong with the executive making statement on expeditious trial of corruption cases. “But prosecution must be within the ambit of the Rule of Law,” he said.


He said the EU is supporting Nigeria’s fight against corruption through a range of programmes, aimed at strengthening the anti-corruption agencies and the criminal justice system.

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