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Nigerian Army Ranks and their Salaries

The Nigerian military force is one of the most respected professions in the country. It is, therefore, no surprise that a lot of people want to join the army. Those who do not plan on joining are interested in knowing the ranks, the salaries and even the symbols that come with those ranks.

As is with most organizations, the salary of a military is determined by his ranks. Each rank has a different symbol that aids easy recognition within themselves and by others.
The first thing to know is that the Nigerian army is the land army of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It also happens to be the largest arm of the armed forces.

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In the Nigerian army, we have the commissioned officers and the non-commissioned officers.
Take a look their ranks below and how much they earn
Commissioned Officers have 11 Ranks. Here they are below.

Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary for Non-Commissioned Officers.

There are eight ranks in the non-commissioned officers
The Private Soldiers gets a salary of about N50000
The Lance Corporal earns about N55, 000
Sergeants earn a salary of N63000
Staff Sergeants earn a salary of N68,000
Warrant Officers get a salary of N80, 000
Master Warrant Officers earn N90, 000

Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary for Commissioned Officers

A General earns N1.5million
A Lieutenant General earns a salary of N1million
Major Generals earn N950, 000
Brigadier Generals Earn a salary of N750, 000
Colonels earn N550, 000
A Lieutenant Colonel Earns –N350, 000
A Major earns N300, 000
A captain earns N220, 000
A lieutenant earns N180, 000
A second lieutenant earns N120, 000

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