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Katangua Market in Lagos: All You Need to Know to Get the Best


Katangua  market is also known as Super Market. Some people call it Katangua, some call it Katangora others call it Katangowa. They are all the same. Katangua market is one of the top markets to get quality yet cheap things- especially clothes.Well I don’t like to call things you buy from katangua cheap – maybe affordable is a better name

Katangua Market Days
Katangua has three market days.- Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

These market days are when the traders “open bale”.

If you are not used to the okrika lingo “Open bale”, it is when the traders open new stocks. Bales are those large tied sacks that they import their items in. It is not unusual to hear a katangua trader say-“I just opened bale! “And customers get excited. Here’s why- the sooner you are there after the trader opens bale , the higher the probability that you will find quality things. Get there too late and you may not get the best items because they have been snagged by early risers

That does not mean you should stress yourself about which trader just opened bale and those who didn’t. Walk around and you will find what you want.

The Pros

Things in Katangua are cheap and affordable- just make sure you price well.

Clothes are everywhere- no matter the size or age you are you will find what you like

There are different Grades (qualities)- From Grade A to B to C. So no matter how much you carry, you will see something to buy.

The Cons

If you are not careful you will buy what you didn’t plan to: Always make a list of the things you need so you don’t squander your money on shiny bright things.

The guys there are annoying: Those igbo boys?? They have no respect! Whether you are male or female, they will disturb you- Oga I dey sell shirt , trousers, blazers, jacket, shoe, car, human kidney, Buhari’s pant mtchew!. If you don’t carry yourself with respect, they may even drag you.A lot of them  don’t have a shop of theirs. They just try to get customers for  other traders and receive their cuts.

There are Pickpockets: Hold your money, hold your phones! You are in Katangua. Aint nobody gonna wipe your tears!

How to Get to Katangua Market

To get to Katangua, you need to drop at Super Busstop.

Super B/Stop is between Ile-Epo and Abule-Egba.

If you are coming from Oshodi, take a bus to Iyana-Ipaja, then take another going to Abule-Egba.Tell them you are dropping at Super. (Sometimes you get a straight bus from Oshodi to Abule-Egba). Cross over and enter the market

If you are coming from Ikeja, also take a bus from Ikeja along to Iyana-Ipaja. If you take a straight bus or keke to Abule-egba they may not pass Super.

From Sango, take a bus to Ile-Epo, tell them you are dropping at Super.

My final advise is don’t be in a hurry- take your time to search and select and you will leave the market with great items!

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