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The 3 Most Important Things You Should Know Before You Buy Her Lingerie

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Whether you are planning to get lingerie as valentine day’s gift, for a wedding anniversary or simple just to make her smile, these tips will help you make it perfect.

1. You are Buying for Her not for You:

Don’t run off and buy the lingerie that you have being fantasizing about. Its about her not you
Think of what she regularly wears and add a touch of sexy. Don’t go way out of her style. If she wears thongs (G-strings aka “catapults”) regularly, then feel free to get her something along those lines.
She doesn’t? Then buy her what she wears- even if its simple sexy shorts

2. Get the Size Right.

Don’t assume you’ know when you see the it. Also don’t try to imagine her size using the cup of your hands. Women’s sizes are not as standard as men’s
When she is not around, check through her underwear, check the sizes and take note or her sizes.

3. Make Sure the presentation is cute.

Don’t just pull deliver the lingerie in a bland packaging. It may make the magic disappear. Create a little razzmatazz, throw in a bow, get fancy wraps and the perceived value of your gift would skyrocket.

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