Modern Male Ankara Designs That Are too Stylish to Ignore

Ankara designs for men are fast evolving. They are no longer boring basic styles. Designers are getting more creative and daring. As a style conscious man, you now have a lot to choose from!

No matter the style color or design of your Ankara fabric, all you have to do is get a good designer who can come up with a great design.

How to Choose an Ankara Style

If you don’t have a designer and you are using a tailor. Not to worry, we have a few styles you can take a look at and get some style inspiration. (You can also see CLASSY YOMI CASUAL ANKARA DESIGNS)

Before you do consider these tips

  1. Consider Your Fabric: The style you would choose when you have 7 yards of Ankara to play with is different from the one you would choose when you have just two yards to manage. So take that into consideration when choosing a style
  2. Consider your general Outfit: What accessories do you plan to put on with you Ankara traditional wear? If it’s all gold, you don’t want the tailor/ designer to put silver details on your piece when making it
  3. What of Your Personal Style:

A reserved man will not be confident and comfortable in a garish outfit.

Choose a design wisely!

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