Men’s Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings

Mens Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings

When it comes to wedding rings, the women take most of the attention.There’s nothing wrong with that but a man has to wear his wedding band for the rest of his life too so attention needs to be paid to the wedding band she chooses to pick.

How to Choose Men’s Wedding Bands

As a man, before you delve into settling for a n engagement/wedding band for yourself, there are a few things you need to put into consideration.Ask yourself these questions- does it

  1. Suits your lifestyle: A rich rapper will choose a ring that looks different from what a  lawyer would choose.A man who actively plays sports will not choose a ring with a lot of gemstones especially if he wants to wear his wedding band everyday.
  2. Suits your personality: Some people are more extravagant than the others- this affects their choice in rings.A simple,no frills kind of guy will choose a ring that reflects that personality
    Once you have settled those key factors, you can then
  3. Go into looking at the type of metal you want your ring to be in.It can be  platinum, Titanium yellow gold or white gold and the many other types of metals men’s engagement bands are made in.
    Metals such as titanium and tungsten are a more recent development in the world of rings. Tungsten  is highly scratch resiatant,If you decide to settle for gold, you get to choose between a 9ct gold, a 14 ct gold and and 18ct gold.
    18 carat gold is purer than a 14 carat gold hence its more expensive.A 14ct gold on the other hand is more expensive than a 7 carat gold.The platinum is more expensive than gold metals and tungsten
    You can choose the one’s with stones.
    Stones do not have to abundant in men’s engagement rings  but can be neatly added to the jewel like in one of the rings below.

You can make it a jewel that makes a statement forever by engraving a message about your union in.Some simply just put in their wedding dates.

Take a look at these wedding bands below and gain some inspiration;

Mens Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings7

Mens Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings6

Mens Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings4

Mens Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings

Mens Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings1 Mens Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings2



Mens Wedding Bands & Engagement Rings titanium

Titanium Wedding Bands



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