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How to Make Money Online With ₦1000

The online world is a great to make money with almost nothing. With n1000 or less , you can make enough money to cater to all your needs.

How can you then make money online with N1000? Plenty things!Take a look at these suggestions.

How to Make Money Online with N1000

  1. Digital marketing
    Digital marketing like its name implies, entails using digital means to reach consumers. It uses digital channels to promote businesses and services.
  2. Affiliate marketing: is the fastest growing and easiest online money making technique. It has transformed to a multi-billion dollar business and it is increasingly being used to monetize blogs and social media pages.
    Affiliate marketing can bring incomes up to 20,000 daily if effectively carried out.
    Affiliate marketing is simply receiving rewards for enabling sales and creating awareness about products or services.
    Sales of product isn’t the only way to earn commissions.
    Affiliate programs differ, below are examples of common ones:
  3. Pay per Sale: This is a type of business advertising model where the advertiser gets paid for every sale made from his referral or  his website advertisement.
  4. Pay per Click: This is a business model where a company places advert on your blog or page and pays you every time a user clicks on the advert.
  5. Pay per Lead: This is a marketing strategy that requires users to sign up  and fill in their contact information before Commission is paid. It only pays for qualifying leads, curbing fake clicks that do not lead to sales or profits.

Advantages of Affiliate marketing

  1. It is cheap to start up, the cost of production is minimal and there is no need for an office. This business doesn’t require storage space, shipping of products or joining fees.
  2.  The customer Reach is remarkable. The internet has billions of users, this opens up the opportunities to make unlimited income and reach unimaginable markets.
     You can work anywhere, even from the comfort of your home. This makes affiliate marketing very convenient for all types of persons, stay home mothers, students, white collar workers and so on.
  3. Extra income for regular workers. It can be a way of earning passive income to supplement regular, fixed salaries.

Steps to start Affiliate marketing

This steps require hard work to ensure fast and easy results.
1. The N1000 should be invested in buying affordable data plans. Internet access is the number one priority in setting up this business.
2. Finding a product or business niche would enable you proffer your expertise, in depth knowledge and passion to your products. Computer savvy persons could pick technology products or services and writers/bibliophiles could pick books or help users with simple book queries.
3. Creating a WordPress blog or a social media page.
4. Building a follower-ship that’s interested in your advertised products or services. Directing traffic to your page and search engine optimization to enable your page appear on the first page of related google searches would make your business boom beyond your expectations.   
5. Create a unique eBook for your blog, this should enable users sign up using their genuine email addresses. This would enable you gain an ability to email market. Email marketing is key in maximizing the potentials of affiliate marketing. All these skills and tools can be learnt on readily available and free digital marketing  courses online.
6. Signing up on affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Amazon Associates would enable you select your preferred products for marketing. Here, you also obtain your unique link and begin to earn commission for sales.

Common affiliate marketing programs

  1. Jumia for example runs an affiliate program, if you sign up, unique code is given to you. You can advertise this code on your blog, website or social media page and every time a user uses that clicks on your link to make a purchase on your selected Jumia products, his IP address is tracked and the sake is registered to you, then you receive a commission at the end of the month.
  2. Konga Affiliate Program pays its online marketers a whooping 9% Commission. After signing up on the site, you receive your affiliate link. When users click on that link, a 30 day tracker is placed on their browser IP address and every purchase will be registered as a sale for you. The commission is paid at the end of the every month.
  3. Aliexpress Affliate Program
    Aliexpress is an online retail store, one of the biggest globally. It spans over 200 countries and regions and has millions of products. If you sign up for the affliate program, you will be joining over a 100k sellers, promoting a proven and tested business model, while earning handsomely.
    This program is free and easy to sign up. This company is growing exponentially and you can grow with it. Different products have varying commission rates, some go as high as 50%.
  4. Wakanow Affiliate program is run by one of Africa’s largest traveling agencies. It is designed to engage travel agencies, travel bloggers and marketers to make profits from wakanow products and services such as flight tickets, hotel reservations, airport car hire and city tours. The website offers slashed prices on all domestic and international flights and holiday packages.
  5. Web4Africa Affiliate Program
    You do not need to be a tech savvy person to make money through this affiliate program. You earn commissions by referring customers to the website. Web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Servers has Reseller Hosting are examples of services run by this firm. They offer statistics to their web marketers to enable you understand your traffic, they assist in providing banners and advert materials for your blog and they allow you to make purchases on the website using your earned commission. A 10% Commission is paid on valid referrals.
  6. AffNaija Affiliate Program
    AffNaija is a performance driven affiliate network program. It has numerous partners grounded within the Nigerian online retail store space such as Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Yudala, Mall for Africa, AliExpress etc and pay commission to their online subscribers whenever sales are made through their prescribed links.
    The three methods of earning and income include Share and Earn, Refer and Earn, Become their agent and collect commission. The cheapest plan on AffNaija is 1000 and it provides its users with the following benefits; 100 daily when you share products on your page, 250 per referral and no withdrawal charges.
  7. Digital marketing skill institute affiliate program
    Unlike the aforementioned programs, this does not require sales to gain commissions. Essentially, you are required to refer clients to their digital marketing course. For every successful referral, meaning when the referred client signs up, you earn 20,000. Whenever you get an interested client, you’re to forward all their contact details and your unique referral code to the firm, upon successful payment and sign up, you will be credited.

    Freelance Graphic Design
    Free online courses and YouTube tutorials can be used in gaining graphic design skills. 1000 would be used in subscribing for data. PDF tutorial files are a cheaper option than YouTube videos. Market research is advisable to enable you know what people want, solving people’s problem is the easiest way to gain traction and earn income. Regular review of your work and receiving constructive criticism would help you get better. Joining a freelance website would enable you reach numerous clients and helps you promote your dreams online. Examples of popular freelance videos are
    Understanding how these sites work are essential to avoid mistakes. Set up an account and advertise your portfolio.
    Fiverr is the most recommended free lance graphic design site for its reliability, simplicity and convenient deadlines.

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