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How to Play Western Lotto

How to play western lotto

Western lotto is a game for all and most especially those who have a likeness for numbers (permutation and combination), this would be an opportunity to partake as well as show your skills. Using your skills and lucky guess to make hit a jackpot is one many least expect and are skeptical about but like I always say, there is usually no harm in trying out certain things. You just may be a winner with your very first game play which most definitely would be a life changer.

It is important to have a prior knowledge as to what the western lotto is all about and hence this write up would help guide you through it with it explained in simple terms and a step to step process.

Do you know that everyone has the ability to win inside of them? Some may be lucky enough to win on their very first day, others it may require consistency, while some luck but no matter what it is, everyone can be a winner.

First, let us answer the question on what “Western Lotto” is about.

What is Western Lotto?

Western lotto is an unoriginal of worldwide gaming used to occupy oneself in several countries across the Europe coverage as well as in the United States with engaging figures drawn in all of the provinces by which the punters are obtained with the Jackpot been regulated by the collection of submissions made locally.


Many people may think they know what lottery is all about but notwithstanding, I would give a detailed description of what it is about. Lottery is a figure gaming technique although just for fun purposes with no risks attached unlike gambling whereby you have to stake a lot to win which is usually under probability. While gambling features a means of you may be losing all you have worked for in the long run in a fight to win big, lottery offers you an almost free template and still yet a benefit of being a winner still without stakes. Lotteries usually could be played with as little as #50 bad as e bad with a chance to win millions from just that little capital. With lottery, a lot of dreams have been achieved as there is always a winner though never takes home everything as the proceeds are usually shared. It could also be said that lottery has a way of reallocating riches.

Lottery is also shed in the light of possibilities. With the ability to build institutions, assist researches both tech wise and medically. Let us just say lottery is an empowerment scheme. You may happen to have the mindset that lottery is same as gambling but no that is not the case. If you feel you do not want to participate in lottery for the winnings, then have in mind that your participation is actually for a good cause as it is associated with empowerment.

There are quite a number on testimonies from Nigerians who happen to have made it big with lottery with some having to relocate to the United States with their family members.


  1. First is to sign up on the platform by visiting
  2. You would see a registration form where you get to fill out your name, email address, phone number, contact details, bank cards amongst other requirements.
  3. Just play
  4. Now you watch out for the winning figures spread over a couple days per game. Well enhanced for the media purpose.
  5. Wait and see if you won as winners are usually informed via email as well as SMS notifications.


POWERBALL: This is a United States gaming opportunity usually gamed twice weekly with the days set Wednesdays and Saturday nights. The process goes thus;

  • A draw of 5 white balls is made out of 69 other balls with 1 red ball known as the power ball. The balls are usually put together in a drum like storage containing a total of 26 other red balls.
  • You are then to pick a number from 1 – 69 as well as 1 power ball from the numbers 1- 26. This means you stand a chance to win big also known as jackpot.

EURO MILLIONS: This unlike the power ball game, Is a global lottery game play with it dating back in time to the 7th of the second month of the year (February), 2004.

  • The draws are carried out twice weekly also with the days been Tuesday and Friday nights.
  • A player is to choose any numbers though from a 1- 50 figure range.
  • Afterwards, moves on to picking what is known as 2 lucky (star) figures from a draw of 12 numbers.


  • Also an international European western lottery launched sometime during the day of 12th March in 2012.
  • The primary objective is to pick out 5 consecutive matching numerals out of 50 plus yet another 2 additional numbers from yet another 10 making a total of having to pick from 60 numbers.


The United Kingdom lottery popularly known to be the national lotto was established in the year of 1994 and is featured on Wednesday and Saturdays as play time.

  • For a player to participate in winning, you would be required to pick from 6 digits from a 1 – 59 option of numbers and if the 6 ball picks you made draw with the main balls which determine a winner drawn on the same night that would be that you just won a jackpot, congratulations.


  • A player is required to make a selection of any 6 numbers he dims fit with 5 from a number range of 1 – 75 and a pick of 1 from the numbers 1 – 15 with the option of an easy pick selection.
  • A jackpot is said to be won if the player is able to have made a matching selection of the 6 numbers set at the drawings.
  • Usually carried out on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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