Latest Senator Styles for Baby Boys

wine and silver senator wear for baby boy

Senator styles are a popular form of clothing worn by nigerian men. Baby boys are also known to rock the senator style in very adorable ways.There are different variations- there are the ones with short sleeves but the more widely accepted ones are the ones with long sleeves.

Today we will look at a few cute Nigerian kids who have worn this style in a way that will make you scream -awwww!

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Before we go into the pictures, let’s take a look at some key tips from experienced parents who have sewn the senator style for their their sons before

  1. White is not a great option: White may be a great option for senator wears for adults, however for kids, it quickly stops being the best option.This is because kids are playful and adventurous.You dont want your screams of caution and concern stop them from having a few harmless and fun rolls on the floor.
  2. Black is not an Option too; Only adults who look masculine and strong in their senator styles, you want kids to have some colour in their looks.And so limiting them to black does not do justice to the inherent cuteness of kids and baby boys.
  3. Match with a Pair of Sandals: Once you have gotten the right senator wear for your baby boy, look for a good pair of neutral coloured sandals and watch your baby  boy take over the world!
  4. There are really no rules!: Do what really fits your kid!.In the pictures below, you will see some kids in white senator wears and also others in black senator wears.That does not stop them from being adorable


Take a look at these cute young kids wear senator wears and take some serious style inspiration!


blue and brown senator wear for baby boy

black senator wear for baby boy

wine and silver senator wear for baby boy

brown senator wear for baby boy

red and black senator wear for baby boy

grey senator wear for baby boy

Powder blue senator wear for baby boy

navy blue senator wear for baby boy

All white senator Wear for baby boy


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