Latest Senator Styles for Couples

senator styles for couples blue

Senator styles have become a tasteful options for Nigerian couples. Not only are they super wearable, they are also a great option for occasions where couples- whether lovers or married want to rock natives.

Senator Styles for Couples in 218

There are different ways couples can key into the senator wear designs
Some couples sew the same design hook line and sinker- the long sleeved shirts and pants, the same embroideries and designs.This way, their outfits are identical.

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Another more creative way for couples to wear this style is for the lady to incorporate elements of the guy’s senator style.This way she can sew a more feminine style while still incorporating elements of her man’s style. Here you find ladies sewing dresses and gown with embroidering or accessories that go along with the general feel of her man’s style

Tips for Sewing Senator Designs for Couples

  1. SAME FABRIC IS IMPERATIVE: It is necessary that the fabric you use in sewing both outfits are the same otherwise we can’t call it a couple’s style.
  2. EMBROIDERY IS AN EASY GO TO: To easily bind both outfits together as a couples outfit, the embroidery is an easy go to. This comes in handy because sometimes, the lady may not like the usual senator style guys wear with all its features, simple follow tip one, ensure that identical embroidery are on both outfits and you immediately have a couples outfit. At that point, she can then decide she wants to sew a different style of clothing that is not the regular long sleeve shirt.
  3. BE CREATIVE: Just because it’s a couple’s wear does not mean everything needs to be exactly the same thing.Each of your personalities can come out and shine easily.If you follow tip and 2, you are still good to go.Take a look at these designs and get some style inspiration!

Pictures of Senator Styles for Couples

Take a look at these senator wear designs by Nigerian couples and gain some style inspiration

senator styles for couples all white
senator style for couples wite and gold
senator styles for couples contrasting colours
senator styles for couples bight embroidery
senator styles for couples blue color
senator styles for couples blue
senator styles for couples
senator designs for coupls
senator styles for couples white and wine
senator styles for couples in 2018
senator styles for couples white and gold
senator styles for couples back and brown
senato styles for couples red and yello
senator styles for couples color block
senator designs for couples perfect match

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