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Kunle Jinadu’s Startup, Ginger Box is delivering Healthy Food to Lagosiansin Boxes

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Gingerbox is a Nigerian start-up that delivers boxes of fruits and veggies to its customer.

Founded by Kunle Jinadu, Ginger has no always being Gingerbox. In 2013, Kunle Jinadu founded Jaramall. Jaramall was like most e-commerce sites that catered to daily needs which sells everything from cleanig supplies to food items .Then he decided to pivot, focusing on only one aspect- fruits and veggies. Adekunle Jinadu, didn’t have any background in nutrition or the sale of fruit and vegetables. According to Kunle Jinadu, the model was just not unique. According to him, Ginger box is the product lessons learnt from jaramall

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He initially started out with his own personal funds. In May 2014, he applied for the 440NG program and received funding in November.

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Apart from wanting to find a niche, Kunle’s vision is to help people eat healthy. At an affordable cost
Though they are open to everyone, their main customer base are corporate organisations.

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