Important Tips on How to Predict Soccer Matches Accurately

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Soccer Predictions are done not only to see your favourite team win but also to make money out of betting football games, there are various tricks bookmakers employ to win money through soccer predictions. If you are ready to make a fortune out of soccer predictions, you don’t just predict matches, there are very important steps you need to take to have a better chance of winning bets.

Before you can win, you need to know how to predict matches accurately, predicting football matches cannot be achieved by just guessing what will be the resulting outcome alone by depending on luck, but you need to analyze the matches and rely more on the statistical results to increase your chances of winning.

The following are tips you can follow to predict and win matches through betting

In recent times and according to statistics, it has been noticed that the team playing at home performs better and has advantage over the team playing away from home, which always result from cheers from home fans. If you follow soccer matches very well, you will see that teams playing at home gets +0.74 goal advantage over their opponents. You can also get your predictions from statistics and results from past four to five seasons, where the team involved had better home ground performance. You will need to capitalize on this factor before making predictions.

  • Home ground advantage
    Using home ground as a criterion for making match prediction in any soccer game, can really help one win a match even against a strong opposing team, note that home fans are always more in number than away fans, and it is a common tradition for the home fans to cheer up and encourage the home team into winning their matches.
  • Goal Expectancy
    You can easily get goal expectancy from a betting site; this is a very easy and simple mathematical analysis. Apart from betting sites, you can also get this kind of prediction on sport forums. Checking and looking at sport previews is also possible to help you win. When you go to sport previews, you get to see professional commentators that will provide you with all the necessary and important information about possible goals and outcomes of matches. Ball possession rates of teams are also very important, teams with higher possessions tends to always have more goals. Goal expectancy can be collected from many sources to understand the possibility of goals between the teams.
  • The Variables
    Considering the questions frequently asked by those who indulge in soccer predictions, and betting, you will see that variables are very important in making the match predictions. Football victories depend so much on team performance data and the data are; – Goal differential, Possession, Shots on Target, Shots on Goal, Location of shots.This data can be collected and used for the prediction of matches, because they provide more accurate information on predictions about the current odds between the two teams involved in the match. You will need to collect data and information on five to ten previous matches they have both played. This can be a little bit stressful and time consuming but it is a very important factor for winning predictions. The information of their previous performance will give you a better clue and picture of what their next match might actually look like.
  • Goal Differential
    Goal differential are very important factors in betting that provides you with the very best of data that is needed about a match. This is the most available data in any statistical category. Though, goals have the tendency of being random. Soccer matches can come out with results we least expect.
  • Shot on Goal
    The team with highest shots on goal or shots on target have the possibility of scoring. Shots vary, so you really need to find the data about the ball possession for the team and their quantity of shots and goal shots. If you really check football statistics, you will see that teams with good and best possession percentage always get better shots and they score their opponents easily.
  • Location of Shots
    This criterion is very important for match predictions. Some team’s shots are best taken from a particular position on the pitch of play. Contrary, their opponent can also have the best defense only at a particular position on the field. You will need to consider and calculate the possibility of shots from different part of the field. For you to make good predictions and win you do not have to rely on luck because they are not reliable for winning matches, try and review the statistics and analytical data. If the data are well used to your advantage then you will make big amount of money from betting soccer matches.
  • Team Roaster
    It is always a good thing to know that one of the strengths of any team is the assembly of strong and good players they possess. It is important to check the players that will be featuring in a match before placing your bet on that match. Try and read about the match information, like the formation that will be used, which of the players are on injury and the tactics. When the best players are featured in a particular match, they always provide a better chance for the team to win the match and a chance for you to win the bet you place on the match.
  • Past Encounter
    The past matches played by the two clubs are also very important in placing bets. Before making predictions about any match, you will need to make research about their previous encounter for at least past six seasons. The team that has always been defeating the other in their past meetings are likely to win again. Depending on your stake, you should check on the team performances and they may include goals, substitution, corners, penalties, the number of yellow and red cards, who scores first, and which team was last to score.

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