How to Bet on Bet9ja & Win

2 men playing sports betting.One won, the other lost

Do you want reward for you passion for sports by betting and winning on bet9ja? Do you want to have another source of income through betting?Then these tips will help you achieve your aim!

2 men playing sports betting.One won, the other lost

In this article, we would be giving you an insight on how to go about betting making use of the Bet9ja platform and a couple of loopholes around getting to win. Do not miss out on this piece as this could be a possible eye opener to becoming a millionaire just by going after your passion.

What is Bet9ja?

Bet9ja is known to be Nigeria’s biggest betting platform as at present, giving quite a vast range of opportunities to all types of gamblers. From virtual sports to racing to arcade to online casinos and all kinds of sports- all these could be found on this betting platform.

Many may reply making use of sarcasm and say, “JAMB Question” but I could bet a couple of people may not be knowledgeable about it hence this write up.

Bet9ja so happens to be a wonderful fun filled platform where you could decide to play games for free or in a case of real time gambling, invest certain amount of money to cash out big. The site can easily be accessible from all devices which is just dependent on a good internet connection which allows customers the ability to keep up with their games or play more even when they are far apart from their PC.

Guessing form where I sit to write this, you must be really engrossed in knowing what comes next in this little lecture of how to bet on the Bet9ja platform as well as loopholes to winning, so let us tutor you on how it is done.


First of all, to be able to play games on bet9ja online, you must have an opened and verified account with the betting platform. If you do not know how to go about getting an account;

  1. Log on to the URL
  2. Fill in your details in the registration form that loads up and select proceed
  3. A verification would be sent to your email
  4. Click the link embedded in the email to verify your account
  5. Then go back to the homepage, input login details (Username and Password) and start staking.

It is important to be conversant with the three methods on how to play bets on the Bet9ja platform and I would start off with the simplest technique on how to go about it.


  1. Choose the sports you want to bet on using the menu at the left corner
  2. Select tournaments and then select the view button
  3. Pick among the list the sport events you want to stake on and select the odds which would be automatically included to your bet slip (always shown at the right hand side)
  4. Type in the amount you wish to stake with in numerals and click BET then confirm by selecting OK.
  5. After that is done, a confirmation message would show on the right side bar with your bet slip ID number.


  1. Scout out your sporting event of choice and click to open it. For instance, it happens to be a football match between Sevilla and Barcelona. If you happen to click on the name showing Sevilla and Barcelona, a new window pops-up showing you the list of all available odds market for the gaming event.
  2. If you so happen to require a hint as to the event selected, single tap on the (i) button which shows the explanations. Then you can select what odds befits your bet slip while it is automatically added to your coupon.
  3. After using this process to select all necessary desired games, all that is needed to place your bet is to fill in your stake amount in numerals in the box provided below and click on Bet to confirm and Ok the bet.


This requires hovering about the sports event odds market and this is how to go about it below;

  1. Select the sports you wish to pick a team from, choose tournament and then click on view
  2. At the top of the web-page, there would appear quite a number of tabs containing different sporting markets. Browse through the odds market and select the one that befits your choice.
  3. When you decide on which markets and eventually odds to pick, select the odds and place your bets.
  4. Do that for all of your sporting events of choice till you are satisfied with the total accumulation then place a bet by filling in the amount you which to stake with in the amount box, confirm bet and OK it.

I remember saying there were 3 methods but wait, I think there is still yet more ways to go about playing on the Bet9ja platform which I am still yet to mention to you. This simply involves having a customer carryout what is known to be “Booking a Bet”.

For the method of booking a bet, you do not even have to be a member nor register on the platform to be able to play on Bet9ja. It allows you to just choose the games you want to play after accumulating, click on bet and then it generates a betting code (ID Number) which can either be printed, written out or forwarded to your email or that of a friends.

When the booking number is generated, all you need to do is take alongside the number with the amount you wish to stake with to a Bet9ja outlet where you can place your bets and be given a printed slip which you are bound to keep till the game is over as that would be a proof (more like a receipt) to claim winnings eventually.

It is important to be aware that Bet9Ja odds could change at any time so the earlier you book a game and play it, the better the odds.

Bet9ja- ‘Reward for Passion’

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