Hushpuppi; Biography, Source of Wealth & Obsession with Gucci

Hushpuppi; Biography, Source of Wealth & Obsession with Gucci

Many refer to him as Ray Hushpuppi. He is also called “Aja Puppi” (Aja 4). For a while now, despite being young, he had been known to best known as a Malaysian-Based-Nigerian philanthropist. He started life in the slum, but for some reasons, he had grown to become a popular person. Why is he popular? How did he become popular? He is not one whom we know to become popular in a conventional way, he became popular after what was supposed to soil his image. Yet, many are still wondering what his source of wealth is today. In this post, we would explore the lifestyle of Hushpuppi and his rise to fame.

Update: Hushpuppi Arrested!

2 years ago we wrote this article where we profiled Hushpuppi. One thing that stuck out like a sore thumb was the fact that we could not really place Hushpuppi’s source of wealth. Well, now we know! Hushpuppi has been arrested along with other friends one of them being Woodyberry on a case of crime and Fraud. Watch the video below to learn more

What is Hushpuppi’s Job Or Business

The question of what hushpuppi does is very valid.He seems to constantly live a very expensive and lavish lifestyle.He visits the most expensive places in the world in a private jet and wears the most expensive designers.

Recently , he has been known to promote and organize luxury tours to top tourist locations like Dubai

As regarding his wealth and the level of attainment, he claimed that he used to be a heavy gambler. If this story about his wealth was true, then he must have won a lot of money or must have been very lucky. But a lot of people believed his story was false, and still question his quick transformation. Despite the fact that the true sources of his wealth are being questioned, he had been known to live large especially from the pictures he posts on the internet. Most times, he is always seen having great fun amidst his friend. The funniest part is that every time he is being seen in reality or in pictures, he is always known to hold a bottle of champagne.

HushPuppi’s Cars

Hushpuppi has not being known to flaunt car.He usually shares pictures of himself in private jet and various expensive cars which do not seem to be personally owned.They may have been hired.

HushPuppi’s Networth

Although unlike many other celebrities, his net worth is not officially draped on the internet, and it is relatively hard to give an estimation of Ray Hushpuppi’s wealth, we can give briefly give a rough sketch. There are a lot of words from people who claimed he has a Roll Royce, the latest version of Range Rover, and other expensive modern cars. He is known to be one who fancies traveling in private jets. More so, he is an obsessive wearer of Gucci products. From the numerous pictures he had posted online, one could garner that Hushpuppi possesses a lot of Gucci clothes and shoes. In fact, he was rich enough to pay Nigerian police as watch over him. In addition to the way Hushpuppi had been known to spend his money in the club, one can believe without doubt Hushpuppi is worth Billions of Naira.

Hushpuppi’s Recent Fight Online

In recent times, Hushpuppi was known to have gone into an online banter with some Nigerian Celebrities like Davido. In one of the fights, he asked people to send him their account numbers, where he secretly sent money to them. Although many of them refused to send screenshots of the money, many of them tweeted that he gave a huge amount of money going as high as 300 thousand naira.


Hushpuppi’s Source of Wealth

From his posts to street hustlers, one would come to understand that Hushpuppi is not a member of a family of rich people. In fact, he gave the story of how the landlord of his parents’ house sent them packing. And this had been a serious topic amongst people online. Someone even claimed he was sold his kidney for money. Despite the fact that it had had not been confirmed by anyone, people have taken the claim seriously and had chewed it in the mouth. The only information he had given as regarding his wealth was that he used to be a heavy gambler.

Hushpuppi’s Growing Popularity

Since he is not known for any particular work, one would be forced to know how he became popular. Hushpuppi’s popularity began to skyrocket after his banter with Davido and the other celebrities. According to him, he paid 11 Million naira to the Club Davido was supposed to club at. He informed people who are not rich enough to not bother coming to a particular club that. Or even if they had the desire to do so, they should come as fans or onlookers because he was ready to show who the boss was. From there, he began to post pictures of his wealth and exotic places he had been to prove his point. He claimed Davido was the son of a rich man (omo baba olowo) but he was a rich man (baba olowo).

Later, he took to snapchat and twitter to insult other celebrities. From then, he had risen to fame especially when people claimed he gave them a huge amount of money. Hence, a lot of people became his fans and had seen him as one who was worthy of their time.

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