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How to Earn Money on Youtube

How to Earn Money on Youtube

Youtube is one of the most entertaining sites in the world.They have managed to build a place where people sincerely enjoy sharing video content. What is more , you can also earn money from your youtube videos. To do that, you need to learn to make money from YouTube. A real man must learn how to make money from even his leisure. Below you would find the top ten ways you can make money from YouTube.(See also Meet the 22 Nigerian Guy whose Youtube Vlog Makes 900 Million Naira Per Year )

10 Ways to Make Money on Youtube

  1. Be A YouTube Partner: To become a YouTube partner is very simple. Although it is not needed, you would have to ensure that the people visiting your YouTube Channel can cater for the partnership you want to apply for. This partnership is simply your registering for Google AdSense. When you apply for this AdSense, Google would place advertisements within your videos. The good side of this is that if you own a blog and have been approved by Google AdSense at a time before now, then you would have nothing to worry about. They would link your account to the YouTube videos and voila! You are getting money for every advert clicked.
  2. Selling Products With Your Brand: one thing that can also be a source of income is making sure that you have a brand logo yourself. When you’re sure that your fans have been seeing a lot of your brand logo, you can then proceed to create merchandises like clothes, bags, and hand bands etc. branded with your logo. Doing this, you can sell the products to your fans and by that means you have opened another stream of income for yourself.
  3. Accompany It with a Blog: you must have seen up there that I mentioned earlier, your YouTube Vlog can be accompanied by a blog of your choice. This is really good if you are someone that can also write. Here, you can also link your Google-AdSense account with your blog. With the blog, you can always help your fans have a wonderful navigation of your videos especially if you are doing a video series.
  4. Aim for sponsorship: This is another way of saying let big brands pay you for your own video. How does that sound? Good, right? The truth of the matter is that you should not wait for them to stumble on your work. You have to write a proposal to them, detailing how you are sure you can promote their brand and garner enough popularity for them. These sponsors are ready to pour out their money into your endeavor if you can advertise their products. A lot of Nigerians companies out there have a place for that.
  5. Fan funding: many YouTube videos are created just to build a greater world, and the money gained from it is just to encourage your good use of time. So, there would be times you would need to do some projects with a lot of money. You would need what we call fan-funding. There are many people who are ready to fund great works and would not hesitate to help out with this. Therefore, you can also make a lot of money from doing this. YouTube itself has a fan-funder which they referred to as YouTube’s Fan Funding, and there are other fan funders like Patreon.
  6. Give Out License of Your Videos: There are some of your contents that would go viral and might be something some people might want to buy. A lot of people have made a lot of income by selling their products to some popular companies and organization, who believed that these videos have the same feature as what their companies aim to promote.
  7. Be an Affiliate Marketer: Affiliate Marketers makes money by advertising products and making a fair commission from each sale. If you have good marketing skills and huge fan base, this is a very reliable source of income for anyone. All you need to do is to make direct sales and drop the link of such product on your blog. The higher the view of your video, the higher the chances of people flooding the place you direct them to. More so, the more you advertise this product, the more people want to know what it is all about.
  8. Share Your Knowledge Through Videos: this is another source of income for those that have learnt how it is done. You can also take part in this type of making money process by sharing the knowledge of what you are good at. In fact, a lot of people learn how to monetize their videos by watching it on YouTube. Blogs seem to be the only source of information nowadays. People also want to see the practical’s and are always excited to see someone ready to show it to them. Of recent a lot of people pay to watch experts of freelance, cooking discuss how they made it. It is, therefore, wise that whatever you are really good at doing, even if it is knowing how to perfectly dance’ One Corner dance’, you would still make money by teaching people. A lot of others bill the learners a lot. So, it is advisable that you avoid such act; instead, look for a middle figure and you would see people coming in large quantity to learn at your feet.
  9. Give Your works Time Frame: This is something a lot of people have not fully explored. Although you have to use this particular method along with the other ones listed above, it is still efficient because if people know the date of your next publication, they would start waiting for the publication.
  10. Get Live Speaking Engagement: be meticulous in creating your video because most people that are always being called by organizers of programs to speak live are mostly Vloggers and people that have shown their talent in whatever they do. The fact remains that if you ever make one live engagement, you are bound to get many from other sources. The assurance is increased, if you’re good at what you do.

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