Here’s How to Tie a Tie Easily & Fast


If you read a previous post we did on knotting a tie, you will find that there are hundreds of ways to tie a tie.

But let’s look at the one of the simplest ways to tie a tie.

This style is fast and  easy to knot.It is perfect for someone who is not too fancy but wants a go to style they can do anytime. It is also very nifty

Here is How to Tie Easily

It is usually Called the Four-In-Hand Style.



Step 1


Take the broad end of your tie on the right and extend it under the narrow end on the left. After that cross the wide end over the narrow end.


Step 2


Let the wide end wrap around the narrow end.

Step 3



In the third step, pull the wide end through the little hole

Step 4


The second to the final step, move the wide end down through the loop in front.
Step 5


Finally,tighten the knot to the collar by holding the narrow end and sliding the knot up.

And there you have it! Your simple yet dapper necktie is ready.

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