7 Naija Guys Share their Most Embarrassing Drunk Stories

drunk homer

“One night I drank a lot of “501” then topped it with shisha. O boy, my head felt so light. My head just went blank-i had a vision of heaven that night. Everyone looked blurry to me, the head of the girl i was dancing with looked so big. I vomited close to 3 times. When it was very late, I got outside, everywhere was so dark, no taxis, no bikes. I started trekking, till date; all i remembered was trekking and waking up on the floor of my bedroom the following day, with only my underwear on. I still don’t know how i got home, because the venue of the party was like 4kilometers from my place. My brother told me that when i got home that night, i just went inside my room and urinated on the floor so, he had to take off my clothes. I almost died of embarrassment. The next day, my friends told me that i was just smiling at everyone and sweating and dancing like a mad man that night”



“My friend told me I stood in front of a table and professed my love for it”

“I walked outside my flat naked.”


“I squatted like a woman to pee. Then I fell backwards, then continued peeing”


“Took off my clothes and walked around naked in front of my in-laws. I still suffer the consequences till date.”


“My friend flickered the light- I thought it was evil spirits so I jumped into the kitchen, got salt aand sprinkled it everywhere while my friends videoed me and laughed.”


“Took this really ugly looking girl with giant tribal marks home from the club.I was so shocked when I woke up the next morning.”

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