4 Things You Must Not Do On a Lagos Bus(Danfo)

Lagos can be a crazy place to be. It busy, everyone seems to always be in a hurry. Now there are some rules to live by when going about your business in Lagos- especially when taking a danfo.
I’l give you 4 tips.

  1. Wooing a Woman:

    naija girl
    I know you can meet your missing rib but bro- searching for one in a Lagos bus aka danfo is high risk.Not all girls like the idea of being “toasted” is a bus and some of them are not very cultured. To avoid embarrassment, do away with every desire to woo her and face you front.
    That is how a friend o f mine came crying that a girl accused him of touching her “assets” in the bus when all he was saying was “hello”

  2. Sleeping Off On Co-Passenger’s Shoulders:

    es, you are probably dead -tired but if takes you having to peg your eyelids- please do. Understandably, a lot of people wont take it kindly that a stranger is dozing off on their shoulders, but some can actually be agressive- before you suddenly wake up to find that your head is being used as  a bouncing ball.

  3. Try  to “Settle Matters” between LASTMA and drivers:
    Last month a close friends had to call me to come bail me from  police net.After bailing a sullen faced friend, i asked him what really happened. It was then he confessed that he was  trying to “settle matters”.
    Guy wetin concern you? ! Why do you think everybody quietly disembarks from a bus anytime the driver falls into the net of LASTMA? They know whats going on.
  4. Not Paying Your Fare:

    conductor fight
    Really? You wanted to mistakenly forget to pay. Please don’t do it. Conductors in Lagos are not very friendly.He would probably remind you with a hot slap at the back of your head as you. Be warned and keep your “forgetfulness” in check


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