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Want a Great Professional Image? Take Note of these 7 E-mail Etiquettes

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E-mails play a big role in forming your professional image– especially when the recipients do not see you on a regular basis. Pay attention to these tips to paint the right picture of yourself.

1. Know when E-mail is appropriate

• Does the issue at hand require a lot of explanation
• Can tone be easily misinterpreted?
• Is the subject matter time delicate?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, sending an e-mail my not be appropriate/sufficient
If however, time and distance is a barrier, do go ahead.

2. As much as possible Use your Professional e-mail. speaks infinitely better of you than me@gmail/
Also introduce yourself properly if it is your first time of e-mailing that person- don’t assume they know you.

3. Don’t assume the recipient knows all the details:

Be specific, give succinct details. Sending an e-mail that says “I have paid that supplier”. May seem right to you but may be ambiguous to the receiver.

4. Include your full contact information:

Be consistent with your sign off. You can set an automatic sign off on your e-mail.
It should include your full name and contact information .The recipient may need to contact you immediately through another medium.
Another thing on your e-mail sign-off, avoid images like a company logo. A lot of people are checking their e-mails on their phones and they, most times, don’t look right.

5. Don’t Use Text Speak

Never ever. Avoid text speak in tone and in spelling. Be formal in your formal e-mails. Proofread to make sure auto-correct hasn’t pulled a fast one on you.

6. Forget about backgrounds, crazy fonts, and colours:

Keep it black and white, and simple. Fonts that are not standard are distracting, hard to read, and make you come across as silly.

7. Beware of auto-fill:

Auto-fill can make you unintentionally send e-mails to the wrong people or the wrong e-mail addess. This may have varying levels of implications. Pay attention.


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