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Flat Tummy Exercise for Men (With Pictures)


If you have been searching for ways to get a flat tummy, then you are in luck as we will be walking you through regimens that you can do at home and get visible results in a matter of few days.

So many people have asked me if there are really flat tummy workout exercise that works for real, and my reply to them with a big YES. How else have I maintained my flat tummy for this long, without it bulging out even though I am aging?

Today I will be sharing with you, my flat tummy exercise secret techniques. They combine simple body movement but are very effective. Get a mat and let us get started.

  1. Flutter Kicks (60 Seconds):
    You will begin the exercise by lying flat on your back with your arms by your side, and your palms facing down. Engage your core, then raise both feet and suspend them in the air, they should be about a foot above the ground. Make sure your legs are straight while you are in that position, then start moving them as if you are walking, flutter your legs but don’t let your knees to fold. Keep alternating the up and down movement. Left, right, left right… also, make sure your back does not lift from the floor. Scroll down to see pics.
  2. Cross Crunch (10 per side):
    While you are still lying on your back, put your right hand behind your head and stretch out your left hand like a wing or as if you want to fly, your palm should face the floor. Lift your left knee and crunch over with your right hand still under your head lift your upper body (head and neck) and allow your right-hand elbow to touch your left knee.Return your leg back to the floor and repeat it 10 times. Alternate the hand and leg and repeat the procedure with your left hand and right knee. Scroll down to see pics.
  3. Partial Sit-Ups (40 times):
    After the last routine, you should take 10 seconds to catch your breath, and while you are still lying on your back, tuck your feet under a weight or get someone to hold help you hold your feet to the floor so that it won’t lift up. Bend your knees and stretch your hands until your fingers are close to your knees. Using your body pressure, lift up your head with a short and quick movement, allow your hands to touch your knees then return your head back to the floor and repeat in a fast and swift way 40 times. This partials sit-ups works magic on your lower abs and make them firm. Scroll down to see pics.
  4. Upward Back Bend: Take a 10 seconds rest and roll over, lying with your tummy facing down on your mat, your palms should be placed in front of your chest, and your legs should be straight and closed together. With your elbows beside your body, push your chest upward from the floor by pressing your palms to the floor and lifting your head and chest. Your lower body should be glued to the floor.Bend your upper body backward as far as you can go, then lean your head and chest backward and sustain for 10 seconds before you release. Then go again 5 times. Scroll down to see pics.
  5. Sided Plank Dips: Turn your left side towards the floor and lie on the mat while resting on your left side elbow, and your right leg on top of your left leg. Make sure your legs are fully stretched out and straight. Raise your right hand upward as if you want to flap your wings, then thrust your right side upward so that only your foot and your elbow will be making contact with the floor mat.While your mid-body stays suspended, push down your hip until it makes contact with the floor, then lift it up again and push down to touch the floor once more, repeat the process as many times as you can in 30 seconds, then stop and switch sides, repeat the process for another 30 seconds.This routine may hurt a little, but it is really worth the sweat. Scroll down to see pics.
  6. Downward Facing Dog (10 Times): With all fours on the floor-mat, kneeling down with both palms placed in front of you on the floor, put power to the area around your waist, and push up your waist until only your palms and feet are on the floor, at this point your position should look like a downward facing dog. Your hands should be straight and your legs should also be straight and stretched.Hold your waist up high for 5 seconds, then let the weight rest on your shoulder and arms while you drop your waist from the high position until your body aligns to a straight-line position, from your head to your foot. Make sure that your palms and your feet are the only parts of your body that are making contact with the floor-mat. Then push your waist and return to the high plank position. Repeat the process 10 times. Scroll down to see pics.
  7. Pike Crunch (10 Times): Lie on the mat facing up, raise both legs up to face the sky as well, and make sure that your legs are tightly closed together. Your arms over your head, stretched all the way back. Crunch up and try reaching your feet with your hands, while raising the upper part of your body.Hold that position while keeping your legs straight, return your arms back over your head while you simultaneously lower your upper back down and return your legs to the floor.Return back to the beginning of the process and repeat it 10 times. Scroll down to see pics.
  8. Palm –Feet Crunch:
    Get into starting position by standing straight, spread your legs wide and spread your arms wide, crunch forward and use your right hand to reach your left foot, make sure the back of your right palm touches your left toe, then reverse the process by swinging your left hand to reach your right toe.Keep reversing and repeating the process for 60 seconds for the best results.Now that you have these tips on how to get a flat tummy, go ahead and try this at home, and you are on your way to achieving a flat tummy. Scroll down to see pics.
Down Ward facing dog

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