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10 Guys Share the Craziest Lies Ladies Have told Them lying

People lie- both men and women. However, some girls deserve grammy awards for their lying skills. Ten guys share their painful experiences.
“He’s my cousin.
She snapped pictures of both having peck,uploaded it on facebook, and wrote my boo. I asked her, she denied it, and said “we were just playing”. I felt heart broken.Later learnt he was her fiance.

“ATM machine swallowed my card”

“She told me she was reading for a test in her room at about 2200hrs (UNIPORT) meanwhile she was somewhere in ımo state trying to find the hotel where she was meant to meet Mr Solo.Mtchew!!all she could say after I caught her was, ‘but we didn’t do anything oh ‘”

“Me after chatting with her for a while and got her laughing and all: so can I get your number? I really wanna look into your pretty eyes up close
her: I don’t give out my number please
Me: But why?
her: its just my policy.
Guys this gurl dey badoo with tongue out and booty pictures. The lie strong but how’s always lie until they see the money.”

“One lady told me valentines day is her birthday just to cash out on me. I found out the following year when her facebook birthday wasn’t on vals day.”

” “I’m so over my ex”Well, she married him 2years later.”

“She said she is twenty one , I laughed  and even told her “I always thought you are 18, 19 I replied” .The mumu laughed believing she had lied successfully . .Girl is +4 than my age , I saved her number as linux”

” “MY EX boyfriend plays in Arsenal, his name is Chinedu.Which chinedu dey Arsenal abeg!”

“I am 19 years whereas she is 21…..fear those small stature grls…. When some girls reduce age for you, you will believe that Ahmed Musa is really 23 years old..”

“ex: honey while you were away i went to visit him because i was bored.We ended up kissing, he took off my shirt,bra,trouser and pant but he didnt touch me. I just started laughing!”

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