These are the top 10 best quality condoms in Nigeria

Top condoms in Nigeria

When getting down, it is wise to go for the best quality condoms so you are optimally protected.. There are now different types of good quality condoms in the market that protect you whilst also keeping your pleasure level at the optimum. Let’s look at a few

The Ten Best Quality Condoms in Nigeria

    This condom is exclusively on point and practically every top big shot player has a hold on this condom. It comes both in latex and rubber features and as well as in different sizes from X, XL, XXL. How big is your manhood? If you know you deserve a big coat for your penis, then this is one from the ten options you should have in mind to pick but just wait and see from the rest before you make a conclusion.
    I remember the advert growing up, “who get this rain coat”. The video featured a conductor finding a condom on the floor of the molue and a woman proudly claimed it and so on. This condom is one of the oldest in Nigeria and for it to still be in existence, then over quality is killing it. This is one of the strongest condoms though for it is known not to easily break and it is quite corrosive in nature. This happens to even be the cheapest of all condoms in existence that I was born to meet and still exist. Funny enough, this condom is so strong that I remember filling it water and it holds without bursting. Our small pikin balloon that year.
    As the name implies gives you this fantasy filling when using it. The condom has varieties and by that I mean flavors of all sorts so when you bring it out, the first feel you get is the aromatic scent that gives you that sin felling of how sweet the sin you are about to commit is. Hilarious? Yeah, I know but then again, what other way would have been better to describe this.
  4. TROJAN:
    This one reminds me of the Trojan horse used by odyssey to enter into Troy. With such a name and what it is connected with, you should know that horses have got large manhood’s and hence using the name Trojan for this product actually makes it clear that it is for those with really mighty Penis. I do not know but if I can remember well, this happened to be my favorite of all times. Al though Americas number one but found its way to the Nigerian market and actually happened to fall amongst the top 10 in Nigerian history. This condom comes in all features from lubricated latex to ribbed rubber condoms all for the protection of those who stay loyal to it.
    Not so common but actually one with quality is one that should not be underestimated. I think I had to try it once because I ran out of options and it sure did not fail me.tHis condom just like some others have rough lubricated bodies to give you that vein feel like you were actually making lover skin to skin and you could feel the walls of the woman at every stroke you tend to take.
  6. MAGNUM:
    I never used this but the person I saw using this and still uses this particular condom actually derived his nick name from this. This condom houses the XXXXXXXXXXXL’s in the house and this is not a joke. Just pronouncing the name alone, you can sense the masculinity behind it but all well and good, here is quite another dope choice you would have to pick from amongst your options.
    This happens to be Japanese branding of condoms and were accepted into the market for their quality as well as their corrosive behavior and adaptability to any size or hole they get to find themselves. These condoms feature a 20% thinner structure as compared to other latex condoms thereby leading as well as giving room to a better of excitement than others with thicker features would give. It is just like you are not even putting on anything but you actually are well protected. One try and you would be confused for the rest of your life if you actually went in with a condom or just with your skin.
    These condoms have no single atom of chemicals in them as their vision was to create a world free from any form of infection be it sexually transmitted or irritations that may be caused by chemicals of any sorts to your private parts and more.
    This are naturally featured manufactured condoms with the purpose of giving a natural feel to both parties during usage. What more can you ask for other than having to use a condom that is all natural.
    The products idea of a name is the oneness sex creates as a bond like thing between two who are sexually attracted to each other and bringing them together as one hence the name “One” but I do not buy the idea behind the name though.

What is your favorite condom and what was your experience using it?Drop your comments below

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