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10 Places to Borrow Money Online In Nigeria With/Without Collateral

10 Places to Borrow Money Online n Nigeria with/Without Collateral

There are a lot of people desirous of creating or building the right atmosphere for an innovative idea but lack the capital to start. More so, there are some people that might have a need to make some basic amenities available to a certain community, but also lack the fund.

Places to Borrow Money Relatively Quick in Nigeria With/Without Collateral

In most cases, many have gone a step further to borrow money from banks or other sources, but have been hindered by lack of tangible items to place as collateral. That is why we’ve decided to make this post available to you. Here, we would tell online sources for borrowing money without collateral.

  1. Paylater: Paylater is an online money lender that has taken over the market to help people with financial issues. The scheme is such that you can easily see the amount refundable at a corner of the website. The interest placed on the first loan is 1% of the amount borrowed. This implies that if you are to borrow N10,000, you will be required to pay N11,500 in 15 days or 13,000 in 30 days. Yet, you do not need collateral to do this.
  2. C24:
    They are in the business to also help people quickly tackle financial needs. Their website is easy to navigate. More so, their interests are affordable and they would loan you the money within few hours of registering. Here, you don’t need all the paper works that discourage people from borrowing money offline. They operate like regular mobile networks borrowing scheme: the more you borrow, the higher your chance of borrowing more. No matter how much you borrow from the website, you would not have a need to drop any collateral.
  3. KIA KIA:
    this is a website that derived its name from a Nigerian Language which means ‘ Fast Fast’. They used this name because it shows how simple they are and how effective and efficient their work is. This digital money lender also does not pride itself as one that only lends money to Nigerian businesses; they also lend to individuals. The site engages in the use of micro analyzer just to ensure they are paying money to someone that can either refund the amount borrowed or that you are not usurping someone else’s money.
    They provide loan for to Nigerian businesses, and they have even extended their tentacles to places outside Nigeria- Africa and the Middle East. For that reason, they give you the opportunity to borrow as much as US$100,000 and as much US$1.5 million.
  5. ONEFI:
    they were formerly referred to as One Credit. Onefi is a credit facility that provides a short-term loan to costumers that are worthy of it. They aimed at helping those having issues with their finance. In light of their short-term policy, they loan out up N200,000 or more. They allow one to repay within three to six month of borrowing. Like many of the rest, they do not have a need to see your collateral before they loan out the money to you.
    They are a modern lending platform that allows individual and small businesses have access to money they can borrow. As a way of ensuring people get access to this money, they have created an easy method of doing for everyone: they have provided a mobile technology that gives these individuals access to financial credits.

The platform allows individuals to borrow up to N30,000 without any collateral for a period of 15 to 30 days. With these, you would have enough to cover up for your financial need while you try to garner more.

  1. LYDIA:
    This online platform grants businesses the access to capital when they are in serious need of it. They have given themselves to the provisions of small or medium-sized business loans without collateral. They are ready to loan people capital close to $500 and $15,000.

They have an algorithm for testing the water before they put their feet into help such business. In other words, their algorithm would garner information to help ensure the individual or business organization is capable of returning the amount borrowed and that this individual has the legal right to borrow this money.

    They are one platform that has not restricted their borrowing scheme to only Nigeria. They operate mainly in Africa. Also, they focus more on individuals than businesses. They put more spotlight on loaning and empowering employees. They have gone into an affiliation with three main credit bureau agencies in Nigeria to help in the provision of loan to people without paperwork.

Like others, they have worked on their algorithm into ensuring that these individuals are legal and capable of repaying the amount borrowed.

    this financial institution also has made a commitment to be durable and quick in the loaning of money to individuals. One is allowed to borrow close to 3 million Naira within 24 hours. These company like Aella are also focused on salary earners. What they do is that they borrow only employees and are not bothered if the employees have a side business, which is really good for any employee.
    This platform is one that is backed-up by the government. This initiative is aimed at providing quick and easy business loan to Nigeria SME’s businesses in need of financing. This means that this one is limited to and unlike Zedvance and Aella-Credit, it does not aim at employees; rather, its focus is on small businesses.

Its core aim is to encourage entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Therefore, it had taken it that the most reasonable way to encourage this entrepreneurship is to empower people with that has the right idea. And make them have the capital they would need for the startup.

Moreover, they also provide these businesses owners with training and support that would enlighten them in these businesses they want to embark on.

Having said all these, it is very advisable you make sure you use the best platform, one that would suit your need and would`

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