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Top Sites Where You Can Download PDF E-Books for Free

Top Sites Where You Can Download PDF E-Books for Free

If you happen to be a bookworm interested in getting PDF E-books online for free, then look no further as this articles gives you top sites where you could get your downloads from.

E-book is a short for electronic book. E-books are electronic copies of already published books that are made easier for purchase or to download for free from the internet. Usually, E-books come in PDF formats for easy reading on computers or handheld devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, iPods, e-readers and more.

Here are top sites where you can download PDF E-books for free;

This site has more than 30,000 free e-books to choose from and download for free. You are most likely to get one that meets your interest. The site is equipped with easy accessibility as regards having the option at will to search by recently reviewed PDF e-books, most sort after titles, genres, and more. PDF e-books gotten on this platform are very compatible and user friendly on devices such as; iPads, Nooks and Kindles amongst others.


Open Library

This site has over one million free e-books at your fingertips to download from. The open library site is an open online scheme of the internet archives. This site also gives room for all users to be a part of with the option of being able to contribute books as well. Browsing through for what you so desire to download if you already had a name in mind are made easy with the installed search bar where you could either search using the book title or authors name.


Internet Archive

For bookworms looking out for certain books that may be out of print copies, here is the perfect place to get it for free online. These free e-books come in different languages to make a choice from. As the name implies, it is an open way of getting into history without having to find a printed hard copy that may be out of print.


Google eBookstore

On the Google ebookstore, you could find in handy a collection of all kinds and genres of books from free history PDF e-books to free bestsellers e-books. There also happen to be a possibility of going through comments and feedbacks from previous readers to have an idea of the book you may be interested in.


Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a site that does not require any form of registration or payment of certain fees to be able to get in handy a free PDF e-book. This site boasts of over forty six thousand free PDF e-books for downloads. Aside from books been available in PDF e-book formats, they also come in other formats like HTML, ePub, simple text formats and more. You have a vast variety of options both in choosing a book and the format of choice to download them in.



Bookboon provides visitors with over 2,000 free PDF e-books on educational contents. Surfing through the site is quite easy as it was designed as simple as possible. There are no registration packages or fees to be paid before been able to download for free.


Free eBooks

As the name implies, there are no form of premium packages to subscribe to before been able to get certain books downloaded as they all come in free for all. On this site, you get to find free PDF e-books on historical events, drama, educational contents, cook books, manuals, manuscripts, projects and more. This site features PDF e-books of all sorts but more of romance for those who love bestsellers and love stories. There is an option to consider going through feedbacks or reviews dropped by previous site visitors. Free e-books is a fully packaged site adorned with over a million e-books downloadable for free.



LibriVox is a Latin word for ‘voice books’. Not everyone happens to enjoy reading all the time due to a busy day at work or helping with the kids at home. LibriVox is a site which gives you the option of downloading for free, PDF e-books and converting it to an audiobook for you to listen on the go. This site is an abode for hundreds of thousands of e-books in for of audiobooks from vintage works to out printed books.


Hundred Zeroes

This free PDF e-books downloading site features majority of kindle best sellers. Although these e-books could be accessed via a computers, tablets, iPods or mobile devices- there is still a need to have in mind to get the kindle application on your preferred device to carry out the download though for free.


Free Bookspot

This site has over 3,000 available PDF e-books online spread over 90 genres to be downloaded for free. This is a third party free PDF e-books site as it connects e-books from a variety of other e-book sites. This site has a vast range of free PDF e-books to make a choice from such as historical contents, scientific, educational, fiction and non-fiction e-books, bestsellers and many more others.



Do you know that this site happens to be digitally the world’s hugest archive? This site provides visitors the free passage to accessing all form of content from discovery books to works written by great philosophers all in PDF e-book format downloadable for free. This site was designed to be user friendly on computers, tablets, mobile devices, e-readers and iPods. Practically, this site comes in handy for research jobs and preparation for big seminars as all could be gotten for nothing. Just make a choice, download the free PDF e-book and read away.


The Online Books Page

This site gives visitors privilege to get in contact with over a million free PDF e-books online for free. The initiative was to give rise to a higher number of the reading generation and encourage reading and research all for free. The reading culture has fallen hence the Online Books Page was a medium to boost it back up.


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