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Top Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Car

Top Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Car

Finally, the hustle has paid off and now you decide to get your very first car. What do you know about cars in the first instance and even if you do know something about cars maybe from the movies or social media pictures, do you really have knowledge of the necessities before buying a car?

Getting a car requires common sense, I would stand firmly on that piece of advice. One without common sense is not entitled to a bicycle talk less a car and when I mean common sense I am not talking about it literally. You would get to understand in the long course of this article.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Car

It is not as easy as many say or might appear to seem when buying a car. As a car buyer and for the first time at that, you should come in ready body, mind and soul before even stepping into the showroom. Here listed below are basic steps to consider which are extensively addressed before buying a car;


  1. HAVE IN FULL KNOWLEDGE THE FINANCIAL VALUE OF YOUR PROPOSED CAR: After deciding on what car, model and colour you want to get, it is important to take out time to scout through the market value of the car. Now this gives you an advantage in helping you budget as well as bargain when you finally decide to visit a car shop. Ask friends with similar proposed car types about when and how much it cost them to purchase, go ahead and do a market review as well as to how much it is been sold in the present day then go back home and get yourself financially strong to finally take the courage of walking to a car showroom to buy your first car. This would only have meaning if the rest of the steps listed below are adhered to as they work hand in hand for a successful buy.
  2. RESEARCH ON YOUR PROPOSED CAR DEALER: Many a times, we get to hear cases of people who purchased their first cars and got arrested few weeks later after being accused of stealing the supposed car they had bought. This I would say is out of ignorance as it is important to do a proper research on the car dealer, make sure he has a permanent location and if possible turn him to your best buddy for the time been. All this and many other steps allow you have first-hand the knowledge of what kind of dealer he is and the type of cars he sells as many car dealers in the present day specialize in the sales of stolen vehicles. I happen to have a cousin who sometime in October last year purchased the same Venza as that which was stolen from my elder brother in the earlier part of the year. Be certain who you choose to buy your first car from but I personally suggest if it is a fairle used car, you get from a friend you know actually bought it and not stole it and if you decide to opt for a brand new car, buy from the company directly. (See Also Top 10 Most Common Cars in Nigeria)
  3. CHECK AND BALANCE YOUR CREDIT HISTORY: Majority of the people you see today with some of the most expensive cars happen to have secured their car via the means of loans. This is not advisable except you are desperate or maybe peer pressured. Make sure to have enough finance to handle both the purchase and maintenance of your proposed car because owning a car they would say is like having birthed a child. Buying a car requires a lot of financial pumping and if you know maintenance on the long run would be a problem then you are advised not to push ahead. Before buying your first car, consider your feeding, family, business and more if any other applies to you before you even decide on buying your first car. If you followed what I said at the beginning of this article, you would know I mentioned something about common sense. How can you buy a four million naira (#4,000,000) car and still be living in a self-contain with your wife and two kids? Do not think I am insinuating because I am actually talking from research. Make sure to be financially strong as well as meet other more pressing matters before buying your first car.
  4. NEVER BUY A CAR ON YOUR FIRST CAR SHOWROOM VISIT: When you have decided in buying your first car, do not feel you are the main man now as you are still a novice when it comes to purchasing and owning a car. On your very first visit to the car showroom, take your time as you should make sure you are in no haste on the chosen day- take your time to scan through the available cars the dealer may have in his showroom, after your choice has been made, take it out for a spin (test drive) and in a case where you are indecisive of which to choose from, test driving any which catches your attention is allowed. After this, gather all necessary information and head home with you being strong headed on the fact that you would not be purchasing a car that very day as they would most likely persuade and try to convince you to just pay for a car. This passes a direct message to the car dealer that you at least are a professional in some way and cannot be forced beyond your will. In a case were the dealers price doesn’t meet your budget, the dealer may feel you have somewhere else to get a car from and may consider giving you a discount just so he could make sales as we all know, car business is a slow business and every dealer with an opportunity to sell out, would most definitely go the extra mile for their own benefits. Stay sharp, do not be bullied.

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