Baba Ijebu Pay Me My dough or money: Tips For Playing And Winning

What does baba Ijebu pay me pay money or dough mean? Who is Baba Ijebu?

Baba Ijebu is a Nigerian Lotto game and their direct competition is western lotto. Baba Ijebu is a nickname for the game, which on an official front is referred to as Premier Lotto Limited (PLL).  It is a gaming company that has made many rich.

Yes o! Baba Ijebu must pay me my money! Its CEO is chief Kensington Adebukola Adetutu, who is also the founder. This is a game of chance that had seen many skyrockets to success but has also seen many fall from grace. It had served as a way of making wealth for a lot of people.

The success of the game has risen steeply over the years, and it had become one of the best game of chance in Nigeria. For this reason, many people have failed woefully while playing the game. And some of them have fallen into the error of being addicted to the game.

Therefore, it is worthy of note that many of these people that failed woefully have been known to follow a ridiculous pattern. And it is advisable that you do not land into these pitfalls. Even if this post is not aimed at showing these pitfalls, you will still be able to avoid them if you meticulously follow this post.

Below are some of the ways you can win Baba Ijebu without fail. Many of these ways have been tried by a lot of people and would be written here.

Baba Ijebu Lotto World of Contribution

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  • Williams Lotto World
  • Forecasters Lotto World of Contribution: Indeed Lotto may be getting harder by the day but Lotto world of contribution continues to dish out tips which has favored some. Check them out here
  • Jelinco Lotto World: With over 32k followers on Facebook, Jelinco Lotto World is a trusted Baba Ijebu Lotto World OF Contribution point.They promise to be your ticket to your lotto dreams with daily tips and results. Check them out here
  • Hajigold lotto world
  • Lottto Pathfinders: Lotto Pathfinders is a leading Lotto community on Facebook where you get correct forecaster, players and results. They share past results, free game results, online playing of golden chance and much more. Check them out here.
  • Tunde Tanapah Lotto: Tunde Tanapah promises to always help you so you do not miss your sure games. He shares a little free tips but also has a VIP members registration where he collects N2000. We donot endorse him but try him if you feel like it. Check him out on Facebook
  • Coachee Lagato Lotto World and Bets
  • Haykay Lotto
  • Famaco Familyman Lotto World

Baba Ijebu Result for Diamond Today

For Baba Ijebu today morning game results, baba ijebu result for midweek, check here

Baba Ijebu Banker Contribution

If you need bankers for baba ijebu lotto, do check here

Some Dynamic Strategies To Win Baba Ijebu Lotto

  1. Patience: just as it sounds, you need a lot of time. This is a game that has frustrated many because of the numerous loss they have had. Even the experts at the game have been known to wait for hours or weeks or months. Many of them, in preparation for these days, have had to play more games etc. And they persevere. Many of them keep at the game, to win. They do not just win by sitting ducks after one game or after losing the first, they aim for higher ones. They aim for something bigger and keep at it. When you play fewer games, you should expect to put more of your resources in this game. This first step is precautionary. It is all about grit, about having the thick skin and willingness to rise up after a fall. It is all about having a mindset that, even if you lose, there are a lot of wins in this game.
  2. Syndicate: this is when a group of people comes together to perform a certain duty. This option allows you to collaborate with different people to play. Here, you and these people would pick different numbers. You people would come together to buy a ticket. In case, one of the numbers you picked is among the winning numbers, the group would have to share the money. Among the many winning tips available, this is still one that has proven to be the best. Try this and you have a higher chance of winning Lotto.
  3. Forecasting: this is a way you can decide how to predict the winning numbers. Many of these methods have been tried and had been proven right. They can be found below:
    1. 16/26: When you see these set of numbers lapping then you have to wait for 23 weeks and you will see it playing 11 18 19 as the winning numbers.
    2. 19/28: whenever you see these set of numbers lapping, count five weeks ahead, and you will see it play 33 77 34 among the winning numbers.
    3. 14: Anytime you see this number in the middle of the turning numbers of a week’s winning, then expect to see these numbers the next week’s winning- 33 77 34.
    4. 88: Anytime this number is in the middle of the winning numbers of the week, then expect the following numbers among next week’s winning- 20 21
    5. 33: Anytime you see this number is in the middle of the winning numbers, then expect 49 as a banker in the following week.
    6. 60: Anytime you see this number in a week’s winning, you should expect to see these numbers among the following week’s winning- 22 04
  4. Target Some Numbers: We do not have full trust or backing of this method, but it worth being on the list because it has been known to work for some people. All you have to do is to continuously play a certain number. For example, if you put down 23-64 you will have to do so continually and regularly. This might not get you an instant win but it would surely get you a win one of these days.
    1. Pick Numbers that have not been chosen before:  This method is one that should have been written in one of the top numbers up there, but its assurance for success is shaky. In this method, all you have to do pick numbers that have never won any chance before.
    2. Avoid Date of Birth: Many people have tried to use the date of birth as a strategy for winning. If you would notice that none of those above things to avoid. But our advice is that you should avoid using your date of birth as a plague.

The Various Baba Ijebu Pay my Dough Games to Play

  1. 3 Direct: this game requires you to have 3 numbers out of the winning five. Despite playing three numbers, you need all three to win this game.
  2. 2 Sure: This does not have a lot of money but it means you have a higher chance of winning. In this game, if two of your numbers appear in the game you are a winner.
  3. Banker: this also does not give you much, but it means you have to play only one game.
  4. One Against Others: here, you have to pitch a number again ten others. For example, if you pitch 12 again 22-44-32-92-25, the number 12 must surely come with one out of 22-44-32-92-25 before you get a winning.
  5. Permutation: This is a very strategic winning chance. Here, you have the chance to combine different numbers and expect to get two of them as part of the winning numbers.

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