A False Prophet told Anyi Obi He would Never Go to School| He is Now a First Class Graduate of Architecture


There are a lot of false prophets.

The problem is, their  prophesies come to pass because a lot of people actually believe them.


This man did not believe a negative false prophet that was said against him and now he is a great success.

When I was 8 years old, a Prophet came to my house and after prayers took a look at me and said I will never do well academically and when its time my parents should send me to learn trade.

I wept that night because I knew the Vision I saw of myself. My sister Chinyere came to me and said Nna you can be whatever you want to be; I believed her.

TODAY I am a graduate of Architecture with Masters and Doctorate(PhD) degree in the same field, which I graduated in both with First Class High Honours. Today am one of the youngest PhD holders in Architectural Construction Technology from Nigeria, maybe the youngest and the only one as I was told.

Friends, believe in yourself and know you can turn around any negative Prophecy over your life by keying into your Vision. I did it by God’s Grace and I know you can.‪#‎MyBirthDayTestimony
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