7 Lies We Are Tired of Hearing Lagos Girls Tell


Some Lagos girls can lie! These are 7 lies we just can’t stand anymore. Can hear a “No More Lies?!”

1. I have a boyfriend but he is not in the country:

Sometimes it’s true, most times it’s a lie. She is either telling you this so you back off or just thinks having a bae abroad is a status symbol

2. I am not bleaching my skin, we are naturally light in my family:

A lot of chicks bleach in Lagos. They have this erroneous belief that fair is better. The problem however is that they hide it with different lies including saying “My Real Colour is Coming Out”- Really?

3. I am on my period:

They always use this annoying line when they don’t want to get down- Wetin man go do?

4. I went to visit a guy and he gave me 300k:
stop lying

Another strategy to let you understand that they are not cheaper than a certain price.

5. I don’t love guys because of their money:

stop fucking lying

Bruh.Two words- hot lie.
Don’t spend on her for an extended period of time and see what happens.

6. I will call you:
kevin ahart funny face

No she won’t.

7. I don’t eat much:

They all like food. I don’t know where they got the belief that being a picky eater is sexy.

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