Best Native & English Ankara Designs for Dapper Men

Not all fashion fabric can be used to create desired styles and designs, for instance, you cannot use a satin material to sew an Agbada right?

Right. most fabrics are sometimes controlled by trends and what’s in vogue at a given period or ‘fashion season’ but one fabric that does not sway to fashion seasons and can be used to craft almost every design and style one may conceive  is the Ankara wax. It stands the test of time, season after season, new styles, creative designs keep popping up. The Ankara wax instead of fading out, more patterns continue to emerge, it simply never goes old. No wonder the menfolk has found this wonder fabric appealing thus adding it to their collection of fashion wears with the latest being the Ankara blazers for men.

African Men,  including those in  diaspora who are not ashamed of their native roots or scared to  show off their African originality do not hesitate to showcase their African heritage in their every outfits by adding either a touch of Ankara fabric in their attires or rocking a full on Ankara fabric. Ankara blazers for men is one unique way that men have come up with to show off their sense of style while maintaining their heritage. They are appealing and come in all shades of colors, prints, and patterns and styles which makes every man choose his individual style and what best works for him.  

For men who are lovers of the trendy and classy Ankara blazers, here are some Ankara styles for men and classy ways too rock them.

Whether it is ankara blazers, pants or shirt designs, we have got you covered. Take a look at these 30 most stylish ankara outfits for male folks this year.
Say goodbye to chaotic disorganized male ankara fashion and say hello to stylish well-thought out combinations. You’l notice taste, clean cuts and smart designs.


For men who work in the professional business environment, the Ankara blazers can serve as fashionable and smart office wear for you. A piece of Ankara fabric can be stylishly incorporated with plain materials or any type of fabric either at the collar or pockets or a blazers can be made with an Ankara material. Although, not all corporate organizations are malleable when it comes to office attires as some may operate under a strict dress code. If your workplace falls in that category, then you can rock your Ankara blazers on a Friday which is usually reserved for casual wears.


Ankara blazers for men are a stylish outfit men can wear for occasions such as weddings and other outdoor ceremonies. The slim fitted Ankara Blazers is a must have for men who love to show up and step up at occasions. This well cut out piece automatically transforms you into a fashionista. Get creative with different Ankara prints, patterns and colors to achieve what best works for you. It is now a common sight to see men at almost every occasion looking dapper and sophisticated in different styles, designs, prints and patterns of blazers made from Ankara fabric.  


The trench coat falls way below the usual length for a typical blazer, stopping slightly above the knees.  They are made in such sophisticated way that they do not go out of season

Men can who are die-hard fans of trench coats are now at liberty to rock their Ankara blazers as much as they wish without apology as they are fast gaining grounds even in the corporate/business world. It is not unusual to see celebrities rock these kind of outfits on a casual day out, or even on serious occasions.  The Ankara fabric is a dynamic one and there are a lot of styles to wear on different occasions.

Mixed patterned Ankara blazer

The bright colored Ankara blazer sometimes called Ankara fever  are for men who are not scared of making a statement with loud colors and unique patterns. You can get these Ankara blazers in colors such as yellow, bright blue, orange. They can be worn with a white shirt and tie, a white vest or a T- shirt that matches the color of the Ankara fabric used. These Ankara blazers for men will definitely make you the center of attraction.

Runway/celebrity ankara blazer style

The Ankara Runway/Celebrity style blazers are elegantly crafted and can be worn with or without a vest especially as a casual wear or for an informal outing. These designs of Ankara blazers come in really simple and plain designs. Ankara fabric and style have gone way beyond the shores of Africa and in recent times, gained a wide popularity both home and abroad with celebrities such as Jidenna, Beyonce, Amber rose, Kim Kardashian to mention but a few, rocking styles made from the Ankara and models show casing sophisticated and elegant styles, designs made from the Ankara fabric.

The Ankara fabric is versatile and can be used to create whatever design or style you so wish. There are so many unlimited patterns and prints of Ankara to choose from, each matching your personal taste and style.

Native & English Ankara Designs for Dapper Men for 2019

Its no longer the classic up and down- think urbane blazers, metrosexual pants, cuts outs of fabrics to form shapes and much more.
One thing you’l learn in these ankara stules- fashion does not belong in a box!

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