2016 Nigerian men Fashion Magazine: Things the Most Stylish Guys Know

Yes, Nigerian men are as fashionable as their women. These are some of the tips that every style-conscious Nigerian man understands.
Casual Does Not Mean Frumpy:2016-nigerian-men-fashion-magazine-things-the-most-stylish-guys-know-2
Just because you are going to a casual outing does not mean you have to whip out an old faded shirt with matching palms.
You can look casual while still maintaining that stylish enigma.
Throw on cool white sneakers, wear a statement Tee, make sure your jean looks clean and you are good to get into the fashionable list for the day.
Don’t Be Scared of Colour or Personality:

Gone are the days when the average guy has to wear black and dark blue. No one will look at you as a sissy if you wear a bright colour or you let your personality shine through your hair.

A Clean, Corporate Look Makes You Shine:

The average stylish guy is neither scared of the dapper suit nor shiny shoes. When worn at appropriate occasions, a usually basic looking guy can transform into a model that just stepped out of the cover of a high fashion magazine.

Natives Are Great

When it comes to occasions such as wedding etc. The traditional outfit is “bae” to the stylish Naija guy- from the white agbada to the black agbada, the native attire has a way of giving you a panache that a Tshirt and Jean can never give you.
Read more about how to wear native styles here.

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