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18 Survival Rules Every Entrepreneur Should Know (With Inspiring Examples)


  1. Don’t Expect instant Success:

    It is not like the movies.Entrepreneurship is a marathon not a sprint. See tips for cultivating endurance in the infographic below.

  2. Build Upon Something that you Love:

    If you are passionate about your work, that fire would draw like-hearted individuals to help sustain the momentum

  3. Don’t Ever Think It’s Too Late to Launch Your Dream Business or Push Your Golden Idea Into Motion:

    Determination is ageless.(See examples in the infographic below)

  4. Be Ready & Willing to Fail:

    A successful entrepreneur will carve gems from the rubble. Instead of lamenting the loss, harness.

  5. Don’t Fear the Unknown:

    For entrepreneurs, uncharted territories is where the magic happens.Fear is an essential ingredient for progress and navigation.

  6. Illuminate Your Start-up or Product with a Genuine Story:

    Stories can inspire others to pitch in.Examples Below

  7. Offer Amazing Service:

    Clients and customers are the winds in your sails. They are human beings, build loyalty by respecting that.

  8. Keep Your Mind Fresh by Trying New Things Beyond Your Comfort Zone

  9. Do Something Every Day. This will take time. Relish the process. Do research.Cultivate Connections.Be an eager tenacious learner, no matter how much you think you knowSee the rest in the infographic below
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