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16 Photos of Emoney’s Extraordinary House That Will Make You Work Harder

E-money’s house screams money. The interior is painted in glitz and glamour. The exterior is slick and classic.Everything stays true to the Mogul’s name-Money.

These pictures show you the rich coloured furniture- His golden bed and wardrobes.One thing is certain- Emoney loves gold and he makes sure is house is drenched in gold

Take a look at the beautiful swimming pool, the grand dining table and grand staircase, the well-tiled floors and every other enviable aspect of the mogul’s mansion

Forget his cars- let’s look at his house!

emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-1 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-2 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-3 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-4 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-5 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-6 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-7 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-8 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-9 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-10 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-11 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-12 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-13 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-14 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-15 emoneys-house-interior-and-exterior-manly-ng-16


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